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Places and services

Veterinary appointment with a cat that needs attention

Veterinary centres

Do you need to speak to a vet? Here you’ll find all the veterinary centres with registered personnel in Barcelona. 

Official College of Veterinarians of Barcelona (ES)

Girl wearing a sweater that says "Adopt"

Want to adopt?

At Barcelona’s animal shelters, there are many animals hoping someone will adopt them. Find out how to do it. 

Dog jumping on a walkway


Become an animal shelter volunteer and help to improve the quality of life for abandoned animals. 

Volunteering. Animal welfare (ES)

Pets on beaches

Consult the beach-access regulations for pets and the pilot test in the Llevant beach area for city residents with dogs.

Beaches and bathing. La meva Barcelona

Dog wearing a muzzle

Public transport

Find out about access regulations for dogs on the metro and tramway so you and your pet can get about Barcelona.

Cat hiding between two columns

Lost animals

Has your pet gone missing? Find out about the steps you have to follow to find it and discover the responsibilities that pet owners have.

Cat inside a travel basket for pets

Travelling soon?

Before travelling with your pet, make sure you know the rules and avoid unwelcome surprises.  

Travelling. Official College of Veterinarians of Barcelona (ES)

Black cat near a slide and other cats behind it

Cat colonies

In Barcelona, it’s common to find colonies of feral cats in the street. In collaboration with animal welfare organisations, the City Council controls these groups of cats through sterilization, identification and a veterinary examination. 

Cat colony control. Animal welfare (ES)

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