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24/04/2017 - 16:19h

International meeting on preventing local residents from being driven out

Housing. A work group consisting of political and technical personnel from Barcelona and Madrid City Councils has been set up to avoid the loss of identity of neighbourhoods and prevent local residents and commerce from being driven...

21/04/2017 - 17:41h

The City Council is opting for co-housing in Ciutat Vella and promoting social housing

Co-housing. Following the example of cities such as Vienna, Copenhagen and Berlin, Barcelona City Council has taken a step forward to launch alternative co-housing models and started a project for five cooperative flats in Ciutat...

La sessió plenària del Consell de l'Habitatge Social de Barcelona va reunir una vuitantena de representants dels diferents sectors implicats en la promoció de l'habitatge.

12/04/2017 - 19:04h

Barcelona City Council to increase housing investment by 179%

Social Housing Council. The plenary session of the Council for Social Housing takes stock of the Barcelona Right to Housing Plan for 2016.

06/04/2017 - 18:25h

Colau demands greater investment and regulation of housing from the Ministry of Public Works

Right to housing. The Spanish state has cut its investment in housing by 70% since 2009, from 1,512 million euros down to 466 million euros in 2017.

05/04/2017 - 18:58h

Metropolitan cities call for greater funding and legal means to guarantee the right to housing

Right to housing. The municipalities are demanding increased funding from the state for housing, and for abusive rents either to be regulated or for powers and funding to be passed onto cities.

Panoramic view of several blocks of flats

Renting with guarantees

The service offers mediation between owners of empty property and potential tenants. The objective is to guarantee access to housing while offering the owner peace of mind.

Councillor's Office for Housing

Energy-advice points Open video Energy rights

Energy rights

Are you finding it difficult paying your electricity, water or gas bills? Energy-advice points offer help to prevent supply cuts from unpaid bills as well as advice on how to reduce energy expenses.

Councillor's Office for Housing

Panoramic view of the Barceloneta neighbourhood

Tourist Accommodation Plan

Municipal plan to regulate the roll-out of tourist accommodation, making it compatible with a sustainable urban planning model.

Special Urban-Development Tourist Accommodation Plan (PEUAT)


Find out about the programmes available for helping vulnerable groups and protecting them against losing their homes.

A woman on the balcony of an HPO flat

Officially protected housing (HPO)

Officially protected flats: applicant-registration regulations, types of housing, registration requirements, allocation process, application periods and lots more.

Residents’ Meeting at the entrance of a building


A housing model which enables a group of people organised into a housing cooperative to build on a site or an existing building which has been given over by City Council or a private owner for use as a home, on a long-term basis and below market cost.

Councillor's Office for Housing

A window adapted for energy efficiency

Renovation grants

Have a look at the grants for renovating flats and buildings, in order to make them more liveable, accessible and energy-efficient. Renovation is a key factor for tackling social inequalities.

Renovation grants. Councillor's Office for Housing

Two people entering a housing office

Housing offices

If you have any queries or need to complete any paper work concerning housing, go to your local housing office.There is one in every district.

Housing Offices network. Councillor's Office for Housing

A man reading a letter in front of some letter boxes

Emergency Committee

This is a mechanism which City Council and the Government offer citizens at risk of losing their usual home due to a social emergency brought about by the crisis.

How does the Emergency Committee work? Councillor's Office for Housing

Woman signing an apartment rental contract

Rented flats

Find out about public plans and services for increasing the number of affordable-rent flats in Barcelona.

Man in an apartment with a suitcase

Advice on renting a flat

Find out all you need to know about renting a flat: contracts, basic services, rights and obligations, insurance, expenses, deposits and lots more.

Rental advice. Councillor's Office for Housing

A woman watering plants on a flat’s terrace

Advice on buying and selling a property

Do you want to buy or sell a home? Find out all the information you need to do so. 

Advice for buying and selling. Councillor's Office for Housing

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