mercat de mercats

20/10/2016 - 08:30h

Weekend: Savour the city’s markets!

Leisure. The ‘Market of Markets’ is back, with the finest local produce from the city’s markets, tastings and live cooking.

20/10/2016 - 16:51h

Commitment against the mistreatment of animals

Animals. All municipal groups except the PP and C’s defend Barcelona’s position as an anti-bullfighting city and reject the sentence by the Spanish Constitutional Court.

Open House 2016

20/10/2016 - 13:51h

Architecture is culture: 48H Open House Barcelona

Festivals. The 211 buildings which are opening up include municipal buildings, such as the district office in Sants and the Mercat dels Encants.

20/10/2016 - 09:44h

“Huellas. Humberto Rivas”, the imprint of the Civil War

Culture. Faces and settings of the war are the focus of the 53 photographs.

19/10/2016 - 15:46h

Ten years promoting access to culture

Solidarity. The Apropa Cultura programme is marking its anniversary with a celebration at L’Auditori, kicking off an intensive week of over two hundred activities.

Two young women opposite one of Barcelona Activa’s headquarters

Alternative funding

The Barcelona Activa Programme for introducing other forms of funding such as crowdfunding and financial, ethical and social services.

Enjoy the parks

The city’s parks and gardens transform it into a living, breathing space. You’ll find them all here. Explore and enjoy them!

Two girls in a classroom practising calligraphy on a touch-screen tablet

Time for you

Registration is open for this programme, which is designed help families caring for people who have a disability with their work-life balance.

A woman jumping in a natural environment with Barcelona in the background

What do you breathe when you breathe?

Find out about the quality of the air you breathe in Barcelona, the level of pollution in the city and its effects on health.

Square of one of the city neighbourhoods

Districts and neighbourhoods

Embrace the essence of each Barcelona districts and step into the different city neighbourhoods.

Man in an apartment with a suitcase

Public housing

All the information on public housing in Barcelona: rented and officially protected flats, grants, housing offices and lots more.

Shock plan to combat unemployment

Barcelona Activa is to put a shock plan into operation to combat long-term unemployment via personalised training plans, courses and a consultant.

Row of bicycles parked in a street parking point

+Sustainable Barcelona Map

Check out the initiatives under way in Barcelona to make the city more sustainable. Want to help?

Detail of a festa major decoration

Festa Majors

Find out about the wide range of festa majors on big annual festivals taking place in Barcelona’s districts and neighbourhoods and take advantage of the good weather for enjoying them.  

Discover Barcelona

Step into the city’s districts and neighbourhoods, and enjoy its attractions: urban areas, cultural and architectural heritage, nature areas, leisure, study centres or museums.

Residents’ Meeting at the entrance of a building


A housing model which enables a group of people organised into a cooperative to build on a site or an existing building for use as a home, on a long-term basis and below market cost.

Two women working in front of a computer

Working in Barcelona

Discover the tools being offered by the city for promoting employment, business care and entrepreneurship.Working in Barcelona.

Hombre esperando el autobús en una parada mientras sostiene en la mano la Tarjeta Rosa

Pink Card for more people to benefit from

Check the new conditions on how to get the Targeta Rosa (Pink Card) and discover all the advantages and participating establishments.

Students playing with a skeleton in a classroom.


 Check out the schools, what they offer and the educational services available in Barcelona.

People on a pitch in a municipal sports centre

Municipal sports centres

Make the most of the city’s municipal sports centres. There are 129 throughout the city, with a wide range of offers and prices.

Anti-sexist BCN

Barcelona rejects all forms of violence against women. Find out about the services at hand in the fight against gender violence, from prevention to care and emergency accommodation.

Co-creation at Fab Ateneus

A co-creation network for putting collective intelligence at the service of the city and its neighbourhoods.

Children jumping in a school playground

School Playgrounds open

A total of 68 school playgrounds all over the city are opening for public use. See the opening times!

A superblock roadmarking in Poblenou

Backing superblocks

The superblocks programme aims to improve the lives of people by redefining street units to make new uses possible for public spaces.