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Legal notice

The purpose of the website is to provide information about shows on the programme of the Grec Festival of Barcelona.

Through this website, Barcelona City Council seeks to:
1. Provide updated, quality information.
The information provided on this website is that valid at the time of publication, and is updated as quickly as possible.
Updating information provided by third parties is the responsibility of the individual or organisation that provides this information. Barcelona City Council will do all in its power to ensure that the providers of this information guarantee that it is up-to-date and complies with current legislation.
The information provided is intended to be complete, truthful, accurate, useful and accessible, as well as complying the quality requirements established in the current legislation.
2. Enable access whatever the user’s technology and, particularly, to technologies based on open standards.
3. Guarantee the security and protection of personal information.
4. Apply a cookie policy that respects privacy.
5. Enable and encourage the reuse of the information provided, within the limits provided for in this legal notice and established by current legislation.
Unless otherwise specified, Barcelona City Council consents to the reuse of all the data and information provided on this website, under the following conditions:
— the content of the information must not be altered;
— the sense of the information must not be distorted;
— the source of the information must be cited;
— the date of the latest update must be mentioned, and
— it must not be implied that Barcelona City Council sponsors or supports the activity in which the information is reused.
The possibility of reusing information is, in any case, limited by the need to protect other rights, goods and interests in accordance with current legislation. In particular, any reuse of the information contained on this website must safeguard intellectual and industrial property rights and the protection of personal information. Specifically, the reuse of works and services protected by intellectual property rights is subject to the terms of the intellectual property license established in each case (see the section on "Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights"). The reuse of works and services for which it is indicated that intellectual property rights have been reserved is prohibited.
6. Protect intellectual and industrial property rights and promotes open.
Barcelona City Council owns the intellectual property rights to the works and services on this website or has permission to use them. This includes the graphic design and software on the website, as well as the texts, images and recordings contained on it. Reproduction, distribution, public communication or modification of these works and services, apart from the activities directly authorised by Intellectual Property Law, requires the permission of the owner.
The website contains graphic material provided by companies and promoters on the festival programme. This material was provided for the purpose of presenting festival activities, promoting them, and for the exclusive use of this website. Therefore, reproduction, distribution, public communication or modification of these works is protected by Intellectual Property Law and requires the consent of the owner.
The brands, trademarks and logos that appear on this website may be protected by industrial property law, as applicable, and they belong to their respective owners. All use that does not have the owner’s consent and is not protected by law is prohibited.
Should any individual consider that this website or its content infringes intellectual or industrial property law, they should notify Barcelona City Council, stating their name, the owner of the rights (providing proof or the accreditation) and the object of the right allegedly infringed.
7. Comply with current legislation as regards responsibility for content.
In accordance with current legislation, Barcelona City Council accepts liability for the content of this website produced by the Council itself. Regarding content provided by users and third parties, this is subject to the exclusions of liability established in Articles 13 to 17 of Law 34/2002, on information society and electronic commerce services. In particular, as regards linked content, the exclusion of liability in Article 17 of that law is applicable.
Barcelona City Council has no liability for any misuse that users may make of the content on this website. Nor is Barcelona City Council responsible for any difficulties that may occur in accessing the site or any malfunction that caused by circumstances beyond its control.

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