NOVUM 2015

We present a new edition of the Festival of Science, Technology and Innovation in Barcelona which will take place on April 14-30

Next April Barcelona will host the Novum, the ninth edition of the Festival of Science, Technology and Innovation. The Department for Creativity and Innovation of the Culture Institute of Barcelona City finally consolidates the festival as a benchmark among the other scientist’s festivals around the world. The festival was born in 2007 as the Feast of science and continued to grow year after year and gaining territory to become scientific festival of reference in Barcelona.

Barcelona, European capital of innovation, bets again for creativity and innovation by sharing knowledge and creating ecosystems that allow interaction of science, technology and innovation.

In this ninth edition, science, technology and innovation again go out with researchers, scientists, citizens, artists, designers, students and entrepreneurs accompanied by a full program of activities for all ages and interests.

The Novum festival will feature a program consisting of five areas:

1. Citizen Science
April 14-30 in the Design Hub Barcelona and Palau de la Virreina

From the Office of citizen science BCNLab those scientific projects involving citizens in their own scientific research tasks are promoted. During the festival you can learn, reflect and participate in some of the citizen science projects in the city.

Josep Perelló, director of the Office of citizen science and the research group OpenSystems-UB, is the Commissioner who is responsible for this area and projects developed with the help of citizens.

2. Arts and interference
April 14-30 in the Design Hub Barcelona, MACBA, Picasso Museum and Mobile World Center

It’s an opportunity to discover aspects of science and technology to generate debate and to know how artistic approaches act as a catalyst for reflection. Find projects with wide international recognition as well as workshops, performances and artistic pieces in abnormal places for science.

Josep Perelló, as a curator proposes artistic interventions that open the perspective and scope of science in the hands of creators that provide alternatives to the science mechanisms.

3. Audiovisual Shows
April 17-19 in the Design Hub Barcelona

A selection of the best documentaries on science and technology, which will include titles such as Alive Inside (Audience Award for best documentary at the Sundance Film Festival 2014), it shows the fight against health system to prove the regenerative capacity of music in the fight against memory loss; or More Than Honey, a depth look at bee colonies in California, Switzerland, China and Australia.

Tono Folguera, audiovisual producer in films like "Bicycle, spoon, apple" and president in Pro-docs, he is responsible for the documentaries on science and technology show, and reflective journey about how the audiovisual and new media formats can help to bring science closer to the citizen.

4. The Party
April 25-26 in Glòries

During the last weekend in April Glories will become a laboratory for young and older people, to experience science, technology and innovation in person. You will work with researchers, watch science closely and participate in a gymkhana that will take you to various places in the city.

Dani Jiménez, physicist and scientist who has worked at TV3, Catalunya Radio or CosmoCaixa, will develop the activities for the Party in collaboration with research centers, institutions, organizations and dedicated to Science agents, with the aim of bring science, technology and innovation closer to everyone.

5. Novum Pro
April 15-24 in the Design Hub Barcelona, Saló de Cent, Parlament de Catalunya and CosmoCaixa

This area is divided into two sections: the first one will cover education from primary to university, with proposals to link teaching with the real world. The second one will implement the decisions taken in the field of Research and Enterprise in the edition of 2014, initiatives that want to consolidate and grow in this edition of Novum.

Paca Ciller, scientific culture activist and who has previously worked in institutions such as La Caixa Foundation, CosmoCaixa and the European Association of Science Museums, is the curator in charge of organizing various activities that highlight partnerships between research, companies and citizens’ representatives to alleviate the present and future great challenges.

Novum 2015
April 14-30
Free activity

Publication date: Friday, 10 April 2015
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