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The dancer Gelabert ready to dance.

Dance – Teatre Nacional de Catalunya
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All the members of the group with a paella and a wooden spoon in their hands.

Stage arts – Auditori Fòrum
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A man and a woman walking hand-in-hand along the street.

Exhibition - La Pedrera
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Danton in front of the guillotine.

Cinema – Cinemes Verdi Park
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The artists performing contemporary dance on stage.

Dance - SAT! Teatre
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Altres recomanacions

The Altimira Quartet

The cycle is organised by the Joan Manén Association and consists of six recitals, which will take place at the Ateneu Barcelonès and Casal del Metge.

‘Ouaga girls’

The film tells the exciting story of a group of women in Burkina Faso who want to become mechanics.


This exhibition at the Tasneem Gallery includes works that reflect on the divisions imposed by human beings themselves.

The actresses Laura Aubert, Elisabet Casanovas and Marta Pérez

This comedy by Alfredo Sanzol, which won the National Prize for Dramatic Literature in 2017, is directed by its author in this Catalan version.