Fòrum de la Demanda d’Innovació gathers companies and XPCAT in the context of Biz Barcelona

The meeting advanced and outlined solutions to challenges raised by companies in order to result in realities of common interest.



The last edition of Novum, festival of Science, technology and innovation driven by ‘BCN Innovació’, launched the Forum de la Demanda d’Innovació - Innovation Claim Forum. During the event 10 companies provides 15 challenges to researchers, research centres, entrepreneurs or spin-offs, with a clear aim: finding solutions. At the opening, Inés Garriga, creativity and innovation manager of Institut de Cultura, asserted ‘We want to turn Barcelona into the capital city of citizen’s science’.

Two months later, in the context of BIZ Barcelona several meetings took place among companies and researchers. These meetings occurred at Biz Emprèn networking area and advanced and outlined solutions to the challlenges raised by companies. ‘The Innovation Claim Forum was a success in both the involvement of companies raising challenges and the solutions offered to solve them’, Carmen Adán said, CEO at XPCAT (Xarxa de Parcs Científics i Tecnològics de Catalunya - Network of Science and Technology of Catalonia). “We have a good level of research and knowledge in Catalonia and we must go on working to bring this research and knowledge closer to companies and society in general. Yet we must make companies, especially Catalan SMEs, see innovation not as a complex and distant reality but a chance to find associates, improve and grow. For all these reasons, from XPCAT we will continue trying to link Reserach, Entrepreneurship and innovation with activities such as This Forum, which we believe to be an effective tool,’ Carmen Adán stated.

Agbar, L’Escola de Pastisseria - Confectionery School, Factor Energia, Cava Bohigas, Lékué, GB Foods, La Fura dels Baus, Neos, Surgery, Inprous and KH Loreda were the companies taking part in the meetings. R&D manager at KH Lloreda Jaume Cardellach referred to the initiative as a ‘very good experience; fresh and enriching, where connection between companies, technology centres and universities leads to a better mutual knowledge.’ ‘They are now closer and, working together through innovation, challenges can be achieved which will bring answers to the market and consolidate our industrial fabric,’ Cardellach claimed. As for Innovation Manager at Lékué Luis Cortegoso, he found ‘a very interesting format for the ‘express’ meetings.’ ‘It is worthwhile as a first approach to get to know each other and see if they fit what we are looking for.,’ Cortejoso explained.

Factor Energia thanked the initiative for ‘letting us show our way of using inovation, as well as get proposals which help us know other companies/centres in our country with the same professional interests.’ ‘In reference to the challenge of remote management, and after the answers received on 2nd July at Biz Barcelona, we could hear very interesting ideas as well as learning of centres in our environment with whom we hope working together so as to develop initiatives key to the development of our area, I don’t know if straight away or in the future.’

More information about Innovation Claim Forum here.



Publication date: Tuesday, 14 July 2015
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