“Citizenship of creation” comes to Barcelona with Learn Do Share

LEARN, DO and SHARE represent the philosophy of the first edition of the event, which seeks to learn from everyone, prototype and share knowledge.


Learn Do Share (LDS) arrives to Barcelona 26 and 27 June. The first LDS took place in 2007 in New York, with Lance Weiler, a pioneer in the world of interactive content and digital experiences and have gone to different cities becoming an international event that has held in Los Angeles, Toronto, Miami, Gothenburg, Ghent  London, Paris...

What is LDS?

Is a global space where inspiration is transformed into action. An event to experience collectively learn and share through various activities, workshops and laboratories that promote co-creation and social and cultural innovation. Organizers of Barcelona LDS understand the event as "an event where it joins the narrative, social and technological innovation to create cultural projects, to be profitable and make the world a better place through innovation."

Who can attend the LDS?

The profiles of the participants is very variable, and "encourages dialogue and interrelation between professionals from different disciplines in order to innovate and improve the quality of life of the community.” In the LDS we can find filmmakers, writers, directors, producers, developers of apps, video game creators, designers, web developers, entrepreneurs, architects, scientists, musicians, students and educators worldwide.

And the activities carried out?

The first day 26/06 is called Think & Do Lab. It is a laboratory of collaborative design, open to 40 people from different disciplines. The challenge will be to understand, seek and propose solutions based on a specific proposal that all attendees must solve. 

The second day 27/06 is the Public Day, and will be a conference with speakers, both international and local. The first Barcelona LDS edition will feature its founder Lance Weiler, but also other figures like Nick Fortugno, game designer and educator, Nerea de la Riva, creator of robots with Arduino, Eva Domínguez, digital journalist, Anna Carreras, interactive designer and Alberto Tognazzi and Marc Prades, responsible for experiences. There will also be workshops, exhibits of personal projects of the participants, testing of prototypes and participants will learn together to play together in an atmosphere of collaboration and experimentation.

LDS Barcelona is a co-production between the Ajuntament of Barcelona , Reboot Stories, Freedom Lab, Barcelona and Al Pati Produccion and Compacto, in collaboration with the Open University of Catalonia, Verkami and partnership Developer PAD gaming, among others.


Location: Disseny Hub de Barcelona
Dates: 26 and June 27
Free entrance. Sign up here before June 12

More information:
Facebook (
Twitter (@LearnDoShare with hashtag #LDSbcn)

Publication date: Friday, 12 June 2015
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