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Tap Dance at Ciutadella Park

[ 23.09.17 ]

Tap is a dance style with a long history, but one that continues to be absolutely contemporary, with more and more people learning its techniques. Perhaps you haven’t signed up for classes yet, but there can be no doubt that you will enjoy seeing a tap dance show, and there are several at Ciutadella Park this year.

Stroll around the Cascada waterfall venue in the late morning or early afternoon, and you will be pleasantly surprised by a show that forms a compendium of all the different tap dance styles. This is Liaison IV, the work of three companies from Catalonia, France and the United States. Tap Olé, Tapage and Chicago Tap Theatre have teamed up to perform a selection of pieces, many of them new creations, that fuse tap dance with Spanish guitar or contemporary dance, or reveal the more narrative, emotional side of this dance style.

And Liaison IV is not the only show in this style at the Ciutadella venue: the fathers of tap in our city, Camut, return once more this year to present Big Drums, fusing African percussion, tap dance, voice and sand dance.

But is it possible to mix comedy and tap dance? For the answer, see the show performed by the eccentric members of the Swiss company Martin’s Tap Dance. In this piece, entitled Slap, they use all kinds of objects as percussion instruments.

What you will certainly never have imagined is that it is possible to tap dance to classical music. But that is just what Sharon Lavi does in Spring, turning Vivaldi’s composition into a celebration of tap dance.

At noon, audiences can attend a “tap jam” directed by dance teaching Iván Bouchain on the Cascada stage. Bouchain will coordinate a meeting of tap dancers, enthusiasts who share and conserve the tradition of improvisation in this popular style.

Finally, we advise you not to miss Hands, a show that is clearly related to tap dance. Hands is performed by a duo of young British artistes Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding, aka Up & Over It. They will amaze you by how they move, not only their feet, but also their hands, rhythmically beating the table they sit at.