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Reykjavik to be the guest city at La Mercè 2017

[ 06.09.17 ]

 Barcelona invites the Icelandic capital to share the star role at this festival, which will take place from September 22 to 25 this year

Mayor Ada Colau highlighted Reykjavik’s civic commitment to promoting democracy and social justice in a particularly difficult context, noting that this invitation will enable more in-depth study of joint projects between the two capitals, both UNESCO Cities of Literature.

Colau also defined La Mercè as "the most important cultural and artistic event organised annually by Barcelona City Council”, one that takes place at “several iconic sites in the Catalan capital, and in which citizens are the protagonists”.

The city of Reykjavik enthusiastically accepted the invitation to be the guest city at La Mercè 2017, which will take place from September 22 to 25 this year.

In mid-February, a delegation from Barcelona led by Jaume Collboni, Deputy Mayor for Enterprise, Culture and Innovation, visited Reykjavik to start working on a cultural programme that will enable one and all to discover more about Icelandic culture at La Mercè 2017. 


The tradition of inviting cities from around the world to share in celebrations for La Mercè

Barcelona has invited a different city from around the world to take part in La Mercè every year since 2007. The Guest City Programme showcases contemporary artistic expression from cities with which Barcelona enjoys or wants to establish close ties of friendship and cooperation, and generates a unique effect on the overall festival programme, infusing it with the culture of the participating city.

Since the initiative was first launched, the following cities have taken part in the Guest City Programme: Medellin (2007), Quito (2008), Istanbul (2009), Dakar (2010), St. Petersburg (2011), Montreal (2012), Vienna (2013), Stockholm (2014), Buenos Aires (2015) and Paris (2016).