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Participation and Urban Culture at Parc de la Trinitat

[ 23.09.17 ]

Once again, Parc de la Trinitat joins the list of venues hosting events on the La Mercè programme. The park is not only the epicentre of events for younger visitors, including dance and urban sports, but also presents activities in which the stars are the spectators themselves!

As last year, Parc de la Trinitat is the venue for El Ritme del Carrer [The Rhythm of the Streets], a programme of activities devoted to the latest trends in urban art. From graffiti to urban dance classes and exhibitions, from hip-hop to popping, not forgetting dance hall and krump. In many activities, you learn the steps in these styles and then dance them for yourself. Do you want to take part in an urban flash mob? Well, this is your chance. No particular skills or level of physical fitness required.

This year, moreover, El Ritme del Carrer will also enable visitors to learn about the latest in urban sports. The activities include a BMX track where young riders can practise acrobatics on two wheels, demonstrations of flatland (a form of BMX without ramps and jumps) and an area devoted to another popular urban sport, street basketball.

The park is also the venue for a programme of superb performances. These include Pipa, el titella meravella, a puppet show by Néstor Navarro (La Puntual); the adventures of Matito, narrated by the puppeteer Arnau Colom; Alex Barto with his rebellious puppet Mr. Barti; the eccentric Portuguese clown Godot in Lullaby; and a contemporary circus show by Leandro Mendoza (Ciclicus), Petita història d’un gran paisatge, an ambitious production featuring the talent of a dozen circus artists specialising in different acts.

The spectators are the most important ingredient, both in these shows and the activities in the El Ritme del Carrer programme. Without them, there is, simply, no show. This is a fact well known to El Terrat, the production company that is organising a Roda de monòlegs or “round of monologues” at the park, inviting spectators to try their luck at stand-up. Also aware of this are artists like the Senegalese musicians the Ngom Arts Family. In the afternoon, this group will perform Percudansafrica show, fusing contemporary and African traditional dance, while in the evening their Festa sabar will get everyone dancing to the sound of African drums.

And, remember, if you are hungry, there is no need to go home: around the park venue are restaurants on wheels – food that is handy and so much fun to eat!