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Mariscal designs the poster for Mercè 2017, and Marina Garcés will make the opening speech

[ 06.09.17 ]

The designer and draftsman Javier Mariscal has designed the poster for La Mercè in a year that marks 25 years since the Olympic Games took place in Barcelona in 1992. Moreover, the celebrations will begin this year after the opening speech by Marina Garcés, tenured lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Saragossa.

Garcés, who lives in Barcelona and works in Saragossa, proposes a concept of philosophy that takes thought into all the realms of everyday life and which, far from being restricted to the classroom and academia, is ever-present, always within the reach of anyone.

The author of such titles as En las prisiones de lo posible (In the Prisons of the Possible, 2002), Un mundo común (A Common World, 2012), Filosofía inacabada (Unfinished Philosophy, 2015) and Fora de classe. Textos de filosofia de guerrilla (Out of Class. Guerrilla Philosophy Texts, 2016), Marina Garcés believes in thought that considers existence a common problem, and philosophy a tool to be used by and for everyone.

Marina Garcés will officially open La Mercè, represented this year by a female character created by Javier Mariscal. In this way, the father of Cobi, the 1992 Olympic mascot, once more designs a symbol for the city, this time a poster for La Mercè that depicts a local girl with all the Barcelona attributes: from a hairstyle in the shape of Tibidabo to a tattoo reproducing the statue of Columbus.

As imagined by Mariscal, La Mercè wears a necklace that reminds us of the need to recycle, and sunglasses that double as solar panels. Because this “Mercè from the Hood” alludes, not only to the decentralisation of the city’s great annual festivity, but also to the urgent need to conserve the environment. In this way, Mariscal’s Mercè invites the people and institutions of Barcelona to support all activities that can help to make the Catalan capital a sustainable city.