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Leandre, Pepa Plana, Kerol’s Feres i esferes and many more circus artists, all at Montjuïc Castle

[ 24.09.17 ]

Ready, everyone? Let’s practice our laughs, our “ooohs” and our “aaahs” - we are going to need them big time at Montjuïc Castle this year. That is because La Mercè Street Arts Festival programme is packing this venue with fine artists. Well-known names like Leandre and Pepa Plana, of course, but also many more.

For starters, don’t miss the show of shows at the Fossat de Santa Eulàlia site. Feres i esferes [Wild Animals and Spheres] features performances by a superb line-up of the finest circus artists around. They were all selected and coordinated by another artist, Jordi Querol, known around the world as Kerol. This is no exaggeration: Kerol is an internationally-famed performer, one better known, surprisingly, to spectators the Festival du Cirque de Demain in Paris than to Barcelona audiences. At least for the moment, because once you have laughed your head off at the seemingly impossible noises he makes with his mouth, and once you have seen him juggle, you won’t be able to stop talking about the talent of this outstanding artist.

As the director of Feres i esferes, Kerol selected seven artistes to accompany him in his numbers. All seven are magnificent performers, real circus animals, and all the numbers involve spheres or round objects. Roll up then, and admire the talent of the Belorussian juggler Vladislav Kostuchenko; the Finnish duo Lotta & Stina on their shaky rola-bola; the Swiss acrobat Maxime Pythoud with the Cyr wheel; and the German artiste Tatiana Konoballs with her three-ball show. Not forgetting the superb bicycle artist Frank Wolf, also from Germany, the hula-hoops of the French performer Lila Chupa-Hoops, and the juggling of her fellow Frenchman Morgan Cosquer!

And when you leave the show, you will find lots more to entertain you all over the castle site: from Central del Circ regulars José & Dani’s spectacular aerial cradle to the fusion of poetry and humour served up on the trapeze by the duo La Fem Fatal; from the handstand artistry of the German performer Saleh Yazdani to the irresistible humour of the Belgian artist Barto; and many more. Let Ale Risorio, the castle presenter, be your guide – he’s certain to give you good advice.

And two great home-grown circus talents will also be appearing at La Mercè: Leandre and Pepa Plana. Leandre will first make you laugh, then warm the cockles of your heart, all without saying a word. That is because his show is called, precisely, Rien à dire [Nothing to Say]. Secondly, we are delighted to have Pepa Plana here to present a premiere of her new show Suite at La Mercè. Suite features a character who only wants to be loved.

Finally, remember that you can spend the whole day at Montjuïc Castle without needing to go home for lunch. That is because, like many other Mercè Street Arts Festival venues, there are food trucks here so that you can have something to eat before you continue to fill your day with joy and laughter.