La Mercè stays abreast of the latest technologies

[ 29.06.16 ]

You already know that Barcelona’s annual festival always stays abreast of technological advances and always programmes shows that use the latest technologies. But this year it is making a radical commitment to the Internet of the future thanks to the CreatiFI EU project.

The programme, co-funded by the European Commission and developed by the Culture Institute of Barcelona in collaboration with the i2CAT Foundation, has launched the Creative Challenge Ring open call in Barcelona, Ghent, Brussels, Helsinki and Trento. Each city will welcome proposals for a specific project that uses so-called FIWARE technologies, the cornerstones of the Internet in the future. In the case of Barcelona, the call is for projects that promote connection and participation and apply the aforementioned technologies to the field of art.

What does all this mean? Simply this, that three spaces (Fabra i Coats, Parc de la Ciutadella and CCCB) will be virtually connected online during La Mercè to create a unique real-time interactive show. By using information technologies and FIWARE, as well as the creativity of the various troupes, the interventions and fragments produced in these interconnected spaces will be transformed into one complete show that can be followed simultaneously from any of these three venues.


This is not La Mercè’s only technological activity, as it will once again fill Parc de la Ciutadella with shows featuring technology and light, especially in the evening. Figures made of light recreating the impression of movement or Finnish artists converting movement into light are just some the examples of a programme that will fascinate techies.


This same interest in technology and light shall also apply to the former Damm brewery, where you will be able to enjoy immersive audiovisual performances that will make you realise that La Mercè of the future... is already here now!