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Fireworks that dance, and a closing event full of light and colour

[ 23.09.17 ]

Fire and gunpowder are vital elements at any Mediterranean fiesta, and play a very special role at La Mercè, both in the International Firework Festival and during the classical Piromusical, the show that brings the celebrations to a close.

The party begins on the beaches of La Barceloneta. Come to the Espigó del Gas quay, which has the best view of events. On the first day (Saturday), the show comes from Reykjavík, this year’s guest city at La Mercè. In it, Sigga Sofia, a contemporary dancer, applies her knowledge of choreography to producing a firework display, a spectacle straight from the land of fire and volcanoes.

The second session in the International Firework Festival takes place on Sunday. This time, the show is the creation of a Panamanian company, TFG Producers. Their work is well-known all over Central America and the Caribbean, and this is a fantastic opportunity to discover the how firework displays are created on the other side of the ocean.

No, no one wants La Mercè to end. Even so, we all anxiously await the moment for the closing event, the Piromusical, to begin. This show, which fuses light and bright colours created by fireworks with music, is one of the most popular events on the Festa Major programme.

As always, the Piromusical will remind us of some of the year’s milestones. Accordingly, among other things, we can expect references to the 25th anniversary of the 1992 Olympics, the 40 years since the first demonstration for LGTB rights in Barcelona, in 1977, the centenary of the death of the composer Enric Granados, and Reykjavík, guest city at La Mercè this year.