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"Tants talents" with Arias Fernández, part of the "MAC Festival"


As the Parc de la Ciutadella is devoted this year to dance in all its forms, there had to be a show with displays of all sorts of choreographic styles.

In charge of organising it is a new director with lots of talent as a dancer and choreographer who trained in acrobatic gymnastics, did parcours and is a master of urban dances. You’ll see him perform, along with his artistic partner (arias and Aina) in a hip-hop number, but you’ll also see lots of young talents that he has recruited, many of whom have finished their training and have projects to display. There’s all sorts: from Flamenco dancers like "El Tete" (brother of Flamenco dancer "El Yiyo"), the tap duet of Adhara Jackson and Albert Artigas,contemporary dance with Marina Fullana and Laura Lliteras, members of the "UnaiUna
" duet, and notable classical dance performances such as the ones offered by the couple Alexandra Urcía and David García, who are performing a classical choreography, "Carnaval de Venècia" by Marius Petipa. Finally, jazz will be represented by the young dancers of "Som-hi Dansa". In all, a compendium of the world of dance brought to you by the emerging stars who will be writing its future.

From Saturday 23 to Monday 25 September

Monday, Saturday and Sunday at 1.30 pm and at 6.30 pm

Free Admission