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"Nilüfer Yanya" concert, part of "BAM - Barcelona Acció Musical"

Nilüfer Yanya (United Kingdom / R&B, soul, pop)

She’s 22 years old, with a mix of Turkish (her name, Nilüfer, means ‘water lily’ in Turkish), Irish and Barbados blood, she grew up listening to Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse and The Pixies, and everyone agrees that she’s one of the new talents in the United Kingdom to keep an eye on. Something in her makes you think of Kate Tempest – perhaps the London accent or the shock of curly hair – but Nilüfer Yanya is not an MC and she doesn’t rap: her deep and elastic voice sways melodically without any apparent effort, evoking a fusion of R&B, soul, alternative pop – that emptiness that made us fall in love with the first The xx – and jazz, although she states that she’s a musician first and a musician second. To date, she’s released two EPs, Small Crimes (2016) and Plant Feed (2017), where she effortlessly balances a contemporary and smooth sound with the ease of a pop song.

Friday 22 September

Friday at midnight

Free Admission