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"Learn to dance!" participative workshops, part of the "MAC Festival"

Workshop with the "Norrdans" company (Sweden). Saturday 23, at 12 noon.
One of the leading contemporary dance companies in Northern Europe has set itself the goal of taking dance to every audience possible. It’s not surprising, then, that its dancers start teaching their art to the audience members who are spending these days in the Parc de la Ciutadella.

Percussion and dance workshop with the "Ngom Arts Family" (Senegal, Barcelona). Saturday 23, Sunday 24 and Monday 25, at 1 pm.
Are you percussion-lovers? Well, in African countries like Senegal, they’re the true kings of rhythm. Everyone can take part in a workshop designed for adults and children where you’ll learn basic dance steps, have a fabulous time and even sing a song. In charge of teaching it are the Ngom, a family devoted to maintaining and spreading Senegalese dance, music and culture in general.

Hip-hop masterclass. Saturday 23, Sunday 24 and Monday 25, at 5.30 pm.
The performers in the company run by Arias Fernández, who is also directing a cabaret of new talents in the park, are fine exponents of the new urban dances. Here, they show audiences the secrets of hip-hop, in a masterclass that no one who’s interested in the new forms of the moving arts should miss.

"Dance with your baby in movement
" workshop (Barcelona). Saturday 23, Sunday 24 and Monday 25, at 4.15 pm.
What if you could share the experience of movement and music with your baby? Your bond with them would be bound to be made even closer, whether you’re a mum or a dad. Come and try it out, and with the help of dancer and dance teacher Mónica Monge, you’ll dance easily, both with choreographed material and improvised.

Workshop by the "James Wilton Dance" company (Great Britain). Sunday 24, at 12 noon.
Another of the companies taking part in the international Dancing Partners project gets up on stage to show the people of Barcelona their style in a breathtaking virtuoso performance showing the perfect synchronisation of the dancers. ‘How do they do it?’ you’ll wonder. Don’t worry, they’ll reveal how in a workshop.

Workshop by Bailongu (Barcelona). Saturday 23, Sunday 24 and Monday 25, at 7.30 pm.
Bachata, salsa, roda cubana... You’ll be able to learn to dance these dances and a few more in the class offered by the teachers from Bailongu, one of the best-known ballroom dancing schools in the city.

Swing workshop with Xavi Martínez. Friday 22, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24, at 10.15 pm.
Dancer Xavi Martínez applies humour and theatricality to dance and offers a lesson in swing that promises to be more than just fun.

Jam session Dancing Partners. Friday 22, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24, at midnight.
With artists from the James Wilton Dance company, the Norrdans company, the Thomas Noone company and Spellbound Contemporary Ballet. A crazy party for dance-mad people. With the DJ Mister Pillow.


Spellbound workshop (Italy) Monday 25, at noon
The company directed by Mauro Astolfi will be showing Barcelona audiences the secrets of their contemporary dance

From Friday 22 to Monday 25 September

Friday from 10.15 pm to 00 pm Free Admission
Monday, Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 00 pm