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'El dia de Dial' concert with "Màia", "Marta Soto", "Lydia Torrejón", "Lorena Gómez", "Atacados", "Rosa López", "Antonio Carmona" and "Efecto Pasillo", part of "Radio Mercè"

'El dia de Dial' concert with

Cadena Dial presents: Dial Day

9 pm Video and animation

10 pm Màia (Barcelona / Pop, folk, electronic)

10.30 pm Marta Soto (pop) Déjate llevar, says Marta Soto on her concert tour. A great opportunity to hear a new musical talent, who at just 20 began to spread her wings on a television programme (El Hormiguero) where she was discovered by Alejandro Sanz. On Internet, her videos have had millions of hits. Don’t miss her performing live!

10.45 pm Lydia Torrejón (Catalonia / pop) Love, heartbreak and everyday life are just some of the subjects in the songs by this artist born in Girona to parents from Andalusia and Extremadura. She became famous with hits such as Si tengo que elegir, one of the tracks on her 2016 album, Mil batallas. You can probably sing it from memory!

11 pm Lorena Gómez (Catalonia / pop) Latin pop is the speciality of this young artist who in 2006 won a television music talent show and then straight after released an album, Lorena, which made her name everywhere. She’s got the talent and a unique velvety voice that she’s put to great use on one her latest hits, Indomable.

11.15 pm Atacados (Madrid/ pop rock)  No Hay Reloj is the début album by this young band, creators of modern and really catchy pop.

11.35 pm Rosa López (Andalusia / pop) One of the first television new talent shows and participation in a Eurovision Song Context transformed a young girl from Peñuelas, Granada, into a household name, who had audiences glued to their seats with her talent, her voice and her extraordinary engaging nature. She continues to be a hugely loved artist who this year released the album Kairós. A real must-see in the Parc del Fòrum.

0.05 pm Antonio Carmona (Granada/ flamenco fusion) You knew him as a member of one of the pioneer flamenco fusion bands, Ketama, but after the group split up he began a solo career that really took off in 2006 with Vengo venenoso and which this year has led to Obras son amores, songs that he will definitely be performing for the Mercè. 

1.35 am Efecto Pasillo (Canaries/ pop, rock, funk) The sounds of pop and rock fuse together in the Latino rhythms of the songs by this band from the Canaries who made their name with Chacho and as support act for Hombres G. Now songs such as their latest hit, Carita de buena, can be heard everywhere you go.

Enjoy the music until 3.30 am, venue closes at 4 am

Saturday 23 September

Saturday at 9 pm

Free Admission

Activity start (videos and animation)
at 10 pm Màia
at 10.30 pm Marta Soto
at 10.45 pm Lydia Torrejón
at 11 pm Lorena Gómez
at 11.15 pm Atacados
at 11.35 pm Rosa López
at midnight Antonio Carmona
at 1.35 am Efecto Pasillo
at 3.10 am DJ Cadena