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The Correfoc de la Mercè fire run

The Correfoc de la Mercè fire run

Route: Pl. Antoni Maura, Via Laietana and Pl. Antonio López.

Reinvented during the early years of the democracy and based on much more ancient religious celebrations, it was named by none other than the visual poet Joan Brossa and it’s also one of the star events at Barcelona’s Festa Major. Yes, we’re talking about the Correfoc de la Mercè fire run, a moment as magical as it is adrenaline-pumped that might put you in touch with your more instinctive “id”. It begins with the rumble of the drums from the winners of this year’s drum competition, the "
Músics de Diables del Prat", and continues with the opening of the Gateway to Hell from where with your very own eyes you’ll see all the beasts of hell and the devils appear who seem to come from Avernus but do in fact come from every Barcelona neighbourhood. Once the Ram has appeared, the fire crackers, pitchforks and the standards of the groups (the Ceptrotada) are set alight and the Correfoc fire run begins.and it continues with the 40th anniversary celebrations for the Barcelona fire groups with the Diables del Clot demons who are celebrating their anniversary (8.15 pm). Then (8.30 pm) the fire crackers, pitchforks and the standards of the groups of demons and beasts (the Ceptrotada) will be lit, the Gateway to Hell will also be lit and the Correfoc fire run will begin.  

Each year, more people from Barcelona want to experience this festival first-hand, a hail of fire and explosions which, years after the first one was held in Barcelona, are now held in towns all over Catalonia. Come and join in, but always remember that the Correfoc fire run is a festival where you need to be careful and where you must never lose respect for fire.

Saturday 23 September

Saturday at 8 pm Tabalada drums from hell with the Músics de Diables del Prat
at 8.15 pm Celebrating 40th anniversary of the Barcelona fire groups
at 8.30 pm Lighting up the Gateway to Hell and the start of the Correfoc fire run