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'Cadena 100' concert with "Parellop", "Rosana" and "Gossos", part of "Radio Mercè"

'Cadena 100' concert with


10 pm Parellop (Catalonia / pop, rock): The trio from Girona have released their first album with a record label (Satélite K)  after having pre-released an initial crowdfunded edition. Entitled Pols, it contains eleven tracks about love, heartbreak and feelings, all, as they say, wrapped up in "forest rock and city pop." 

11 pm Rosana (Canaries / song): The veteran singer-songwriter is still one of the best-established voices with the most fans on the Spanish singer-songwriting scene. And she proves this once again with another album, entitled En la Memoria de la Piel, where she delves into musical registers that she has not yet explored.

1.30 am Gossos (Catalonia / pop, rock): The high point of a life... or career. This is Zenit, a word used as the title of the latest album by Gossos. Fourteen songs summarise the different stages in the musical life of a must-see group who, would you believe, have been performing for 23 years. The freshest pop rock.


Free and surveyed bicycle parking at plaça d'Espanya. Limited capacity.

Friday 22 September

Friday at 10 pm

Free Admission

at 11 pm Rosana
at 1.30 am Gossos