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Activities at the CosmoCaixa

Workshop: “Balòdrom. Bala va”. Free.
Young and old will be able to take part in building a surprising and colourful maze with multiple paths. Ages from 5 to 12.

Workshop: “Creactivity”. Price: €4 (50% discount for “la Caixa” customers).
Come along and build, create, research, plan and design with different materials and technologies to understand the world around us in a new and intuitive way. Over-7s.

Workshop: “Toca Toca”. Price: €4 (50% discount for “la Caixa” customers).
A space where you’ll be able to enter three very different ambiences:  tropical jungles, deserts and the Mediterranean.

Workshop: “Clik”. Price: €4 (50% discount for “la Caixa” customers).
Accompanied by a monitor, you’ll look through giant magnifying glasses and kaleidoscopes, experiment with musical instruments, whirlpools, huge soap bubbles and wind tunnels, and handle machines that let you lift the weight of a hippopotamus with just one hand. Over-3s.

Workshop: “Planetarium Bubble”. Price: €4 (50% discount for “la Caixa” customers).
How many planets are there in the solar system? Could we live on all of them? How many stars can we see at night and what constellations do they belong to? Over-5s.


Workshop: “Planetarium”. Price: €4 (50% discount for “la Caixa” customers).
3D screening. For adults and families, children over 8.

From Saturday 16 to Monday 25 September


Day: Saturday 16, Sunday 17, Saturday 23, Sunday 24 and Monday 25 September.
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