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Plaça Xirgu

Plaça de Margarida Xirgu | 03/07 - 26/07

The square of Margarida Xirgu becomes the center of the Grec, a kind of main square of the festival that hosts many activities. Every day, you can watch a show, make a discovery, learn or simply taste something while you talk or comment on the last show you have seen.

Yes, this is one of those spaces where any spectator of the Festival ends up passing by before or after, that's why this year it has become a hub, an English word that means you are at the core of something. If we were in a town, this would be the Plaza Mayor, that is, the place where everyone meets.

Here, the activity does not stop. In this space intervened by Josep Iglesias you will find food-trucks where you can taste delicious specialties, many of which are oriental, the terrace of the bar (La Soleà) where you usually sit every year, a stage with many unexpected proposals and spaces to learn or be part of a community scenic creation ... As the support to the local young creation, the many and very diverse fragments of Asia that we can find in the streets of Barcelona and the social and participative projects form the three axes of the Hub of the Grec. Welcome!

Most of the activities start at 19:00 h and entrance is free.

3 July
Gamelan Penempaan Guntur: Gong Kebyar, la música que estalla

4 July
Iron Skulls Co: Kintsugi
(19 and 19.45 h)

5 July
Concert: Marta Knight

6 July
Circus of exception by La Central del Circ
(Institut del Teatre-Atrium; With Andrea Sperotto, Dulce Duca, Las Sistars and Aurora Caja)

7 July
Concert: Jordi Lanuza

9 July
Barcelona Coral Àsia (Casa Àsia / Barcelona Town Hall). Director: Carles-Josep Comalada

10 July
Dance KPOP, JPOP, CPOP (FAS Dance Group)
(21 h)

12 July
Shreyashee Nag and company: Mera Desh. La Nostra Terra
(20.30 h)

13 July
Young people creation workshop 18/24 by Lali Álvarez

14 July
Open Pícnic with asian food and DJ Bollywood
(13-15 h)

15 July
Caravasar, Creació XIC project, directed by Jordi Cortés, Eva Vilanova and Glòria José
(18 h)

16 July
Concert: Esther Condal

17 July
Concert: Matthew McDaid

18 and 25 July
Marc Rodrigo / Colectivo Ameno: Saunterer
(Capacity is limited to 30 people per show at this performance. Reservation required:

19 July
Mushaira: urdú poetry reading

22 and 23 July
Wild Flowers: Chinese short films with the Lychee Film Festival
(22 h; Institut del Teatre-Atrium)

26 July
Orchestra of guzheng Zifan Artistic Group


Multimedia gallery


Discipline Music Theater Dance Circus Cinema Creation

Dates and schedules From July 3 to July 26 at 7pm (most of the activities)

Space Plaça de Margarida Xirgu

Price Free entrance

Directed toSilk Road travellers

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