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Enric Montefusco and the midnight choirs

Teatre Grec | 25/07

He was the leader of a well-known underground band but, alone, he has become a cult musician with many connections to the world of the scene. Now he presents his latest EP live with Niño de Elche, Albert Pla, Nacho Vegas, Maria Arnal and Los Hermanos Cubero.

After embracing popular music in his solo debut, Meridiana (2016), Enric Montefusco continues to explore song mechanisms. In June, the leader of Standstill has published five songs in the voice of five other artists whom he admire for their attitude, commitment and talent: Niño de Elche, Albert Pla, Maria Arnal, Nacho Vegas and Los Hermanos Cubero. An ethical and aesthetic affinity that makes of Midnight Choirs (Good Luck, 2018) an exciting sound adventure that will live its premiere live, with many of the collaborators of the album, in a unique and unrepeatable concert at the Teatre Grec in Barcelona.

Together, but not in the same way as in the détournement of the Goyesque painting that gives image to the EP and to a choral show with a festive vocation commanded by Enric Montefusco. For twenty years leader of the Standstill, a band with punk and hardcore touches, already came to El Grec in 2007. And nine years later, agreeing with the publication of Meridiana, found the complicity of the performer and choreographer Sònia Gómez and the scenic group loscorderos·sc to explore new scenic languages ​​at the Tata Mala (Grec 2016), another experience in the career of a musician who had already collaborated with theatrical phenomena such as La Carnicería Teatro. Now, he has just published Carne de canón, a book that includes all his letters and texts written in Spanish accompanied by a series of unpublished autobiographical stories.

A production of Buena Suerte.

Artistic card

Musical Interpretation: Enric Montefusco and guests


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Discipline Music

Dates and schedules Wednesday 25/7 - 22:00 H

Space Teatre Grec

Duration120 min

Price16 - 24 €

Directed toSeekers of good times

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