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Un tret al cap

Pau Miró

The latest work by the playwright Pau Miró takes the form of a journalistic thriller that, nevertheless, does not forgo comedy or revealing the most intimate aspects of the characters. They are all women, members of a triangle headed by a journalist who was too awkward for the newspaper she used to work for and which has just fired her. She is accompanied on stage by her sister, who just wants to live the last years of her life to the full, and a victim who demands that her case be brought into the open.  All three of them have ended up in a cul-de-sac that they will only be able to leave by saying things that are so hard to say. Censorship in the public sphere, in this case the world of journalism, and also the private, in this case the family, is the driving force of this bittersweet story.

It is the product of the imagination of Pau Miró, an actor, director and playwright who graduated in acting at the Institut del Teatre, who has trained as a playwright on the courses of the Sala Beckett and who has written pieces such as Els jugadors, the Trilogia animal (formed of BúfalsLleons and Girafes) and Plou a Barcelona. 

A bittersweet story performed by three female characters who speak to us of the different forms that censorship takes in both public and private.

A coproduction by the 2017 Barcelona Grec Festival and the Sala Beckett

Previews: 30 June-4 July

Audio description and care services will be provided at the July 13 performance.

Programmes in Braille and accessible print will also be available for people with visual impairment at this performance.

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Pau Miró
Performed by
Emma Vilarasau, Imma Colomer, Mar Ulldemolins
Set design
Sebastià Brosa
Lighting design
Quico Gutiérrez
Berta Riera
Toni Santos
Assistant director
Alícia Gorina
Carrer de Pere IV, 228, 08005 Barcelona, Espanya

L1 (Glòries), L4 (Poblenou)




Castella, 28; Pujades, 191; Llacuna 86


6, 7, 36, 40, 42, 192, N8, N11


Accessible venue for people with reduced mobility. Accessible toilet

Un tret al cap
David Ruano
Un tret al cap


This activity is part of the Grec_Connections
Start date
End date
Sala Beckett - Poblenou
Thuesday-Saturday, 8.30 pm. Sunday, 6.30 pm
Running time
80 min
Performance in catalan
20 €

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