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Tender Napalm

Philip Ridley / Pau Roca / Companyia Sixto Paz

What if the beginning of a love affair is merely the announcement of the end? Two people go on a journey down the paths of memory, but also those of the imagination, exploring the way in which lovers create their own stories and mythologies. This way they will relive their relationship, creating an imaginary and disturbing world in which sex and violence coexist. Not only does the text enter the lovers’ bedroom, but also their minds and those secret places that we keep hidden from everyone but our partner. Seldom has sexual love been explored on stage in such a savagely honest, brutal and tender way.

Language is the weapon of two people abandoned on a desert island with monkeys, snakes, pirate ships and deadly coconuts, presented to us by the members of PSIRC, a young contemporary circus company that has made a name for itself with the production Acrometria. The couple, lovers who like gladiators in the arena dance to a choreography of gesture and movement on the stage, are enveloped in the fantasy world and the soundscape of the circus.

Philip Ridley is one of Great Britain’s most versatile playwrights. He has written novels, he is a plastic artist and he has worked for both the cinema and the theatre, where he was considered one of the pioneers of the In-yer-face theatre movement, of which Mark Ravenhill and Sarah Kane were part. Bringing the text to the stage is a young company formed in 2013 that has created such acclaimed productions as Pulmons (2014) hISTÒRIA (2016) and Dybbuk (2016).

Two people make a detailed analysis of their relationship and tell us about love and sex based on the darkest, most brutal and, at the same time, tender aspects. This is a savage but poetic text that establishes a dialogue with the circus and the language of movement.

A coproduction by Grec 2017 Festival de Barcelona and Sixto Paz Produccions. 

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Philip Ridley
Traslated by
Adriana Nadal
Pau Roca
Performed by
Ariadna Cabrol, Pau Roca, Anna Pasqual, Wanja Kahlert, Adrià Montaña
Set design
Guillem Gelabert
Mercedes Boronat and Guillermo Weickert
Lighting design
Guillem Gelabert
Sound design / Sound concept
Txume Viader
Assistant director
Jan Vilanova Claudín
Gerard Belenes, Adriana Nadal
David Costa, María Antolín
Alegre de Dalt, 55 bis

L4 (Joanic)


Secretari Coloma, 59; Balcells, 48; Torrent de les Flors, 102


24, 25, 31, 32, 39, 55, 74, N6


Auditorium accessible to people with reduced mobility through the door beside the main theatre entrance. Accessible seating is provided as it becomes necessary.

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This activity is part of the Grec_Explorers
Start date
End date
Sala Beckett
Saturday, 9 p.m.; sunday, 7 p.m.
Running time
75 min
18 €

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