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Teatro delle Briciole

Welcome to a show with which the Italian company Teatro delle Briciole (which this time is entrusting the direction to the company I Sacchi di Sabbia) has virtually invented a theatrical format. Yes, two puppeteers create the story, but the actors are not human beings, they are pop-up books in which, when you open them, figures and silhouettes stand up. They will tell us the fascinating story of a boy made of paper and small mysterious sphere. Pace, colours and sounds will be used to bring to life the experiences of these protagonists. During their adventures feelings will be associated with shapes and colours, but also with noises that allow the company to explore the imaginary of a child. In the age of 3D animation, Sacchi di Sabia’s ingenious and effective technique makes it possible to create the illusion of movement and to stimulate the young (and not so young) audience’s imagination thanks to the synchronization of the sounds with the images. It is an alternative, more evocative and less aggressive, to the most cutting-edge animation techniques.

The show is the product of a theatrical experience entitled New Gazes launched by the Teatro delle Briciole, from Parma (Italy), an active children’s and young adults’ theatre production centre that suggested the creation of a children’s show to a series of Italian theatre research groups. The result has enabled them to make headway in the task that they have taken on: to radically transform the images, the vocabulary and the concept of today’s children’s theatre.

Have you ever thought that a pop-up book could become the star of a show? Well, with the help of two actresses /puppeteers, some of these pop-up books will tell you a most evocative story.

A production by Teatro delle Briciole

The pop-up books used in this show have been made by Giulia Gallo.

In cooperation with Fundació Joan Miró.

Show recommended for spectators aged between 3 and 6 .

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Giulia Gallo, Giovanni Guerrieri
Giulia Solano
Directed and written by
Giulia Gallo, Giovanni Guerrieri
Performed by
Beatrice Baruffini, Francesca Ruggerini, Paolo Romanini
Music composed by
Diversos autors
Teatro delle Briciole
Lighting design
Emiliano Curà
Lighting and sound technician
Paolo Romanini
Scenery construction
LabTdb (Paolo Romanini)
Flavia Armenzoni
Marina Bianchi
Executive producer and distribution in Spain
Ana Sala (Ikebanah Artes Escénicas)
Montjuïc, 08038 Barcelona, Espanya

L1, L3 (Espanya)


Plaça d'Espanya


Passeig de l'Exposició, 30

Teleferic Montjuïc

Teleferic Montjuïc


55 and 150


Venue accessible to people with reduced mobility. Accessible toilet.


This activity is part of the Grec_With the family
Start date
End date
Fundació Joan Miró
7 p.m.
Running time
45 min
12 €

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