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Jordi Galceran / Sergi Belbel

In the mid 1990s, Jordi Galceran made his name with a play at the Teatre Romea, directed by Tamzin Townsend, which offered high-quality drama aimed at the general public. This was part of the secret of the success of a psychological horror story, full of surprises, about a psychopath who suggests a playing a word chain to a nurse, his latest victim. Through this game both of them will discover who they are and will tell us their true story. Thousands of spectators went to see the play back then, but it is now being brought back in order to present it to a new audience who can discover the story of a particularly intense dialectical battle starring the young actress Mima Riera (Victòria d’Enric V, Mammon, El text, Vides privades …) and the stage, film and television actor David Bagés. Directing is Sergi Belbel, director and playwright, a star of the Catalan scene, who has been the director of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya and has written such well-known plays as Carícies, Després de la pluja and Morir.

This outstanding team offers us a new chance to explore one of the first plays (along with Surf and Dakota) by Jordi Galceran, the author of universal works who became especially famous with El mètode Grönholm. One of the most recent plays by Galceran to be performed on stage is El crèdit, also directed by Sergi Belbel.  

Almost twenty years after it was premiered, and having become a classic of contemporary Catalan drama, a psychological thriller about the limits and conflicts in couples’ relationships returns.

A production by Bitò Produccions

Previews: 27 June-2 July

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Jordi Galceran
Directed by
Sergi Belbel
Performed by
David Bagés and Mima Riera
Set design
Max Glaenzel
Toni Santos
Lighting design
Kiko Planas
Sound design / Sound concept
Jordi Bonet
Video design
Oriol Paulo
Assistant director
Antonio Calvo
Íngrid Marín
Construction of the set design
Jorba-Miró Estudi-Taller d’escenografia
Technical coordination
Jordi Thomàs
Executive producer
Íngrid Marín
Head of production
Nati Sarrià
Production manager
Josep Domènech
Ivan Moreno
Carrer de Villarroel, 87, 08011 Barcelona, Espanya

L1 (Urgell); L5 (Hospital Clínic)


Casanovas, 71; Diputació, 152


37, 59, V11, N7, N12, N3, N8


Accessible seating is provided for people with reduced mobility (Grada B). Accessible toilets.

Paraules encadenades
Ivan Moreno
Paraules encadenades


This activity is part of the Grec_Connections
Start date
End date
La Villarroel
Tuesday to Saturday, 8.30 p.m.; Sunday, 6 p.m.
Running time
90 min
24-28 €

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