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Històries d'Istanbul, a contrapeu

Yeşim Özsoy

The production stages the work of Yeşim Özsoy, a Turkish actress, director and playwright who is the founder and artistic director of Galata Perform in Istanbul. Based on the meddahlik, a form of Turkish dramatic art that was performed by a single actor and taking as its structure a rhythm of Ottoman classical music, the aksak, the production shows a mosaic of characters that tell us about themselves, the place where they live and what this entails. This place is Istanbul, a city where different ways of understanding politics, religion, tradition, love, patriotism and life in general are mixed and confront one another. Today more than ever it is a city where millions of longings in transit are grouped together, many of which, like those of our characters, are held back for various reasons. A city that is crucial for opening or closing the doors to Europe both for those entering and those leaving. Istanbul thus becomes a territory in a state of flux within a country in a permanent state of agitation. An agitation and a sensibility that is reflected and clearly seen through the testimonies of these twelve characters. The sound is by the Grup de Música Nuu, devoted to giving all the music in the show an electronic, personal air, both the traditional and the more contemporary.

Twelve characters show us, through a series of crossed stories set to the beat of Ottoman music, life in a city that acts as a hinge between continents and cultures.

A production by Velvet Events S.L., Grec Festival.

In collaboration with Tiana local council, Blanc Produccions and Atrium Viladecans.

6 July, at 7 p.m., Xavier Graset talks to Joan Arqué and Jordi Martínez, director and actor in a play that is about a city straddling two continents and two cultures. Biblioteca Gòtic - Andreu Nin (la Rambla, 30-32)

13 July, post-performance conversation with Yesim Özsoy Gülan, author of the show’s text. Chair: Carles Batlle, the writer of the text.

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Yeşim Özsoy
Writing and translation
Carles Batlle
Translation consultant
Yildiray Ileri
Joan Arqué Solà
Mercè Arànega, Jordi Martínez, Carles Gilabert, Magda Puig, Francesc Ferrer, Elena Fortuny
Music composition & Sound Design
Nuu (Guillem Llotje, Aida Oset)
Set design
Adrià Pinar
Rosa Lugo
Lighting design
Adrià Pinar
Sound design / Sound concept
Assistant director
Andreu Martínez
Technical director
David Pascual
Carles Manrique-Velvet Events
Photography and graphic design
Clara Pousa
Elena Blanco-Magnetica Management
Passeig de Santa Madrona, 40, 08038 Barcelona, Espanya

L1 (Espanya), L3 (Espanya, Poble Sec)




França Xica, 42; pg. Exposició, 30


55, 150, N0, N6


Accessible venuefor people with reduced mobility.

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This activity is part of the Grec_Creations
Start date
End date
Teatre Lliure Montjuïc - Espai Lliure
9 p.m.
Running time
75-80 min
how in Catalan
22 €

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