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The Grec has in this edition worked together with the city’s factories of creativity along three different lines: organizing creativity workshops addressed chiefly to theatre professionals; collaborating in communal projects and, finally, working with artists who were doing a residence in some of these venues for their creations in the Grec. The result is part of this year’s festival programme.
What’s more, some of the companies billed at the 2017 Barcelona Grec Festival that have done residences at the city’s factories of creativity bring their stay in these places to a close by offering a preview of their show.
If you want more information about how, when and where these performances are being offered, stay in touch via the festival’s social networks, which will give you regular updates about these free activities. There will also be chats with the artists, chaired by the experts of



World of Wolves#0.1
Creativity workshop with Nuria Legarda
The artist, choreographer, performer and pedagogue Nuria Legarda is organizing a creativity workshop in which she questions the perpetual nature of the discourse to do with the construction of identity, in relation to the mechanisms of power. Based on texts by Shakespeare, as an aesthetic and ideological pillar in the perennial nature of the hegemonic discourse, she visits femininity and masculinity in relation to power, ambition … A capitalist system that has condemned the feminine archetype to fall continuously: immortal icon: the death of Ophelia.
6 and 7 July

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Residence by Ariadna Montfort
The choreographer, winner of the 2016 Institut del Teatre Prize for Dance, is in residence at Graner, centre de creació, in order to put the finishing touches to her choreography, Moaré, which you can see in the festival programme, in the Sala Hiroshima.

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Residence by Miquel G. Font
A young artist from Arenys de Mar with an international career and his company (Habemus Corpus) are working at Graner, centre de creació, as residents, on their new creation, AIRE, to be premiered at the Mercat de les Flors as part of the festival programme.

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Bombeta(Communal project)
An art and communal project that will be developed in the neighbourhood of La Marina for the next three years and which, based on concepts such as identity, historical memory and collective memory, intends to show off the neighbourhood’s immaterial assets.

In this first edition, Bombeta proposes a meeting of minds about applied arts, walks with content on the mountain of Montjuïc, workshops open to the community and a performance-dinner, with the local people, open to the whole city.
Organized by: Graner, centre de creació, with the support of the 2017 Barcelona Grec Festival and the Pla de Barris
Graner, centre de creació, and different venues in the neighbourhood of La Marina
14 to 25 July
Admission free

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Fermín Muguruza
Fermín Muguruza’s residence at Fabra i Coats in order to continue developing his cross-media project Black is beltza is encouraging the establishment of strong ties with the social fabric of the area, among them the local headquarters of the Taller de Músics. From this comes the Micaela Chalmeta Big Band, made up of 18 women and two men, all students, former pupils or collaborators with this music school.


Kaiseki Teatre
The company Kaiseki Teatre is in residence at Fabra i Coats in order to prepare its performance project El Tigre de Yuzu, about the meeting between two geniuses of oriental and western cuisine, Ferran Adrià and the Japanese Hiroyoshi Ishida.

Companyia Ignífuga
The playwriting project that won the latest edition of the Adrià Gual Prize awarded by the Institut del Teatre is coming together during a residence by the Companyia Ignífuga at Fabra i Coats.

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Dei Furbi
The company Dei Furbi is working on the poetic and visual language that imbues its new creation, Oklahoma, during a residence at the Fàbrica de Creació de Sant Andreu.

David Carabén and his musicians are in residence at Fabra i Coats. You’ll see the results at the Teatre Grec.



Creativity workshop with Patricia Apergi > ‘Cementary’/ Aerites Dance Company
A course for professional dancers and dance students which focuses on the kinetic vocabulary and some of the materials of movement that choreographer Patricia Apergi has used for the creation of her latest piece, Cementary, with her company, Aerites Dance Company.
Patricia Apergi was born in Athens and in 2006 she founded the Aerites dance company with which she has choreographed pieces like Cementary (2017), Tanzheimer (2014) Planites (2013) and ERA poVERA (2012), among many others. She is also a cultural events manager and teaches dance and drama at the Leonteios School in Athens. She gives the workshops Choreographic Attempts at the Dance Cultural Centre and the dance programme for people aged 65 and over at the Onassis Cultural Centre.
8 July, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Ticket price: 30 € (general admission), 24 € (Reduction)
For more information:
To enrol write to:


Creativity workshop 15 days standing. Impromptu performance for group of walkers
(Creativity workshop with Elena Córdoba)
As part of its International Summer Season, La Caldera has invited choreographer and dancer Elena Córdoba, from Madrid, to hold a creativity workshop inspired by the idea of the Impromptu (from the Latin, in prompto: sudden, immediate, with no preconceived plan), a musical genre born in the Romantic period that could be defined as letting off steam, a worked aimed at freeing the artist’s creative spirit. Over two weeks the artist will share her world and her research in a performance laboratory whose results will be seen in public during the Grec.
Directed by Elena Córdoba, in collaboration with Nilo Gallego and Carlos Marquerie.
A production by La Caldera, jointly with the Barcelona Grec Festival and with the support of the Fundació AISGE.

Public performance: 14 and 15 July, at 8.30 p.m.
Ticket price: 12 € (general admission), 8 € (friends of La Caldera), 10 € (reduction)
More information and ticket purchase:



Burn: Installation by United Cowboys, with master classes and performances
An interdisciplinary Dutch company that combines art, dance, music and performance in its creations is offering a research project for musicians, dancers and actors during the Grec. During the day they will be given master classes and in the evening there will be performances open to the public.
It is an idea by Maarten van der Put and Pauline Roelants, the leaders of the company, who take as their point of departure their production Burn, in which the audience is invited to observe, from all angles and for as long as they like, the movements of a series of actors and performers that develop to the sound of loud penetrating music as if they were in a club or a rave, creating poetic images of great vitality. The audience can walk around the performers, enter, leave and re-enter the venue whenever they wish.
Concept: Maarten van der Put, Pauline Roelants.
Creation and performance: Evelyne Rossie, Marti Guëll Vallbona, Florencia Martina, Hanne Schilemans, Sarah Bostoen, Anni Kaila, Jef Stevens, Wilhem Blomberg, Johan Reijnders and those attending the master classes
From July 19 to 20

From 8 pm to 10.30 pm

Free admission, limited places. No booking required.


Extended Performance
In recent years, the circus has evolved and has become more aware of its strengths. The contemporary world has burst in on its path towards a new revolution. What we see now is not so much an occupation or a repetition of what already existed, but it stands up for itself and becomes art.
Extended Performance is a doorway open to new pieces that with rigour and craziness change above all the very founding principles of circus itself. EP is the acronym for Extended Player, coming from music: a record halfway between a single and a long player, lasting 20 minutes. At La Central del Circ, in our work for the development of the circus artist, we have named these sessions Extended Performance.
14 and 15 July, at 8 p.m.
Ticket price: 8 € (general admission), 6 € (Reduction: Members of the Association of Circus Professionals of Catalonia)
More information:



Two companies presenting shows at the 2017 Barcelona Grec Festival are working on their shows in the rooms of the Sala Beckett in Poblenou.


Un tret al cap
The playwright and director Pau Miró and the members of his team are putting the finishing touches to their latest show at the Sala Beckett, a story about censorship told by three female characters.

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Tender Napalm
The members of the young theatre company Sixto Paz and the circus company PSIRC are in residence at the Sala Beckett to prepare the production of Tender Napalm, by British playwright Philip Ridley.

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Constanza Brncic
The theatre in Santa Coloma de Gramenet is hosting the residence by the choreographer and dancer Constanza Brncic while she creates What is the Word, a choreography based on the piano music of Morton Feldman and the words, unspoken, of the last poem by Samuel Beckett, which provide the name of the show.

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Joan M. Segura
The director Joan Maria Segura and the performers and creators of the show Cabareta are getting this women’s cabaret ready during a residence at the Teatre Sagarra in Santa Coloma.

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Companyia La Petita Malumaluga
Albert Vilà and Eva Vilamitjana, of the Companyia La Petita Malumaluga, are in residence at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya to prepare a show for babies and their families that is not at all childish. It is called My baby is a queen and it speaks to us about difference and the way in which we view it.

The Barcelona Grec Festival has this year worked together with the city’s factories of creativity. You can see the results here.
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