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T de Teatre / Julio Manrique

E.V.A. is the Catalan acronym for the visual analog scale of pain (V.A.S. in English), a line marked with ten points used to measure the degree of pain a particular subject experiences. E.V.A. is also the title of a comedy-drama with which T de Teatre invite us to think about pain. They speak to us of the poetry that sometimes accompanies it and present us with a list of the different forms it takes based on the stories of four old school friends: an actress who suffers a mental block and can’t sing; an anaesthetist – an expert on V.A.S. – who has ended up anaesthetizing her feelings; a single mother about to let her daughter (Eva!) fly the nest, and an estate agent who has never dared to make her own choices in life.

The members of T de Teatre, a company this year celebrating 25 years of existence, share with the audience the various pains that these women suffer. Since T de Teatre was formed, the company has created a dozen or so shows such as Petits contes misògins, Homes! and Criatures. Always ready to broaden and enrich their horizons, they have worked with directors such as Javier Daulte (Com pot ser que t’estimi tant), Alfredo Sanzol (Delicades, Aventura!), Pau Miró (Dones com jo) and Ciro Zorzoli (Premis i càstigs). Now they place themselves at the orders of Julio Manrique in a play written by the director together with Marc Artigau (Ushuaïa, T’estimem tant, Grace) and the actress, translator and playwright Cristina Genebat (Santa Nit). 

Pain can take many forms, from the physical to the spiritual. The four characters tell us about it in this play, in the form of a comedy-drama.

A coproduction by the 2017 Barcelona Grec Festival, T de Teatre and the Teatre Romea. With the support of the Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals, part of the Generalitat de Catalunya’s Department of Culture.

Previews: 30 June-2 July

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Marc Artigau, Cristina Genebat y Julio Manrique
Julio Manrique
Performed by
Rosa Gàmiz, Carolina Morro, Marta Pérez, Carme Pla, Albert Ribalta, Jordi Rico, Àgata Roca
Set design
Alejandro Andújar
Maria Armengol
Lighting design
Jaume Ventura
Marco Mezquida
Sound design
Damien Bazin
Francesc Isern
Assistant director
Marc Artigau
Executive production and management
Daniel López-Orós
Photographs by
David Ruano
Carrer de l'Hospital, 51, 08001 Barcelona, Espanya

L3 (Liceu)


Plaça Catalunya


Plaça Catalunya


Rbla. Raval, 13; la Rambla, 80


59, 91, V13, N9, N12, N15


AAccessible venue for people with reduced mobility. Accessible toilets.

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David Ruano
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David Ruano


This activity is part of the Grec_Connections
Start date
End date
Teatre Romea
Tuesday to Friday, 8.30 p.m.; Saturday, 6.30 and 9.30 p.m.; Sunday, 6.30 p.m.
Running time
105 min
17-28 €

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