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El Tigre de Yuzu. La història de Ferran Adrià i el Mibu

Kaiseki Teatre

In 2002, at the high point of his career, Ferran Adrià saw how, in his restaurant El Bulli, high production performance was slowly killing its creativity. Meanwhile, in their restaurant in Tokyo, Mibu, Hiroyoshi Ishida and his wife Tomiko continued cooking traditional kaiseki cuisine, becoming the champions of Japanese culinary tradition. There were increasingly fewer lovers of this cooking in a city like Tokyo, where live is lived at a breakneck pace. Could there be anyone – wondered Madam Ishida – capable of showing the world this gastronomic tradition? The answer to the question came during a journey by Ferran Adrià to Japan, when the chef tasted the creations of his Japanese counterpart. This encounter marked a profound change in the two prestigious chefs.

Eight actors and actresses tell us a story that has music by Pep Sala and a set design that reinterprets the places where the true story took place. Through video art, music and a host of visual and sound effects, the show creates an atmosphere full of magic that establishes a dialogue between tradition and modernity. The story starts with the relationship between Adrià and Ishida to investigate the encounter (both that of the two culinary geniuses and the encounter between actors and audience) as the spark of creativity.

A show for the senses presented, with the blessings of Adrià and Ishida, by a company created in 2014 by actors Isaac Lázaro and Roger Zanuy: Kaiseki Teatre.

The crucial encounter between two masters of eastern and western cuisine, Ferran Adrià and the Tokyo chef Hiroyoshi Ishida, told in a multi-disciplinary way with a company made up of eastern and western actors.

A coproduction by the 2017 Barcelona Grec Festival and Kaiseki Teatre.

In collaboration with the elBulli Foundation, Mibu, Vania, AADPC,, Japan Foundation, elBarri and Fabra i Coats Fàbrica de creació.

Monday 3 July, post-performance conversation with some members of the company. Chair: Miquel Valls.

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Kaiseki Teatre (Isaac Lázaro, Roger Zanuy)
Roger Julià
Written for the stage by
Roger Julià, Silvia Navarro
Performed by
Xavier Frau, Andy Fukutome, Akemi Goto, Isaac Lázaro, Bàrbara Roig, Júlia Santacana, William Yazaki, Roger Zanuy
Set design and lighting
CUBE. Maria de la Cámara, Gabriel Paré
Núria Cardoner
Music composed and directed by
Pep Sala
Maite Marcos
Sound design
Carles Puntí
Translated into Japanese by
Akiko Yamada
Shôdo and sumi-e (Japanese calligraphy and drawing)
Mitsuru Nagata
Actors trained by
Elena Fortuny
Assistant producers
Miriam Mantolan, Akiko Yamada
Plaça de Margarida Xirgu, 1, 08004 Barcelona, Espanya

L1 (Espanya), L3 (Espanya; Poble Sec)




França Xica, 42; pg. Exposició, 30


55, 121, N0, N6


Accessible venue for people with reduced mobility. Accessible toilets. Reserved parking.

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This activity is part of the Grec_Creations
Start date
End date
Mercat de les Flors - Sala Ovidi Montllor
9.30 p.m.
Running time
105 min
Show in Catalan and Japanese
18 €

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