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Arthur Miller / Sílvia Munt

Some of the finest actors and actresses on today’s Catalan scene place themselves at the orders of director and actress Sílvia Munt to enact a passionate play full of hopes and resentment, remorse and melancholy. It is the story of Víctor and Esther, his wife, who summon the former’s brother, Walter, to the house where the brothers lived with their parents during their childhood. Víctor is a policeman on the point of retiring and his brother has become a successful surgeon. The building where the family lived is going to be demolished and they are waiting for a valuer who will tell them the price of the furniture that still fills the rooms. As they examine the dusty objects, however, they will realize that these sticks of furniture are not the only thing in the house: there is also a host of memories, ghosts that make the characters think about how things could have been if, at a certain moment, they had made different decisions. 

What price do we pay for our choices? One of the great playwrights of the 20th century asked himself this in a production premiered during last year’s Grec that is now returning to the stages of Barcelona.

A production by the 2016 Barcelona Grec Festival and Bitò.


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Arthur Miller
Neus Bonilla and Carme Camacho
Sílvia Munt
Pere Arquillué, Ramon Madaula, Lluís Marco and Rosa Renom
Set design
Enric Planas
Antonio Belart
Lighting design
Kiko Planas (AAI)
Jordi Bonet
Raquel Cors and Daniel Lacasa
Assistant director
Daniela Feixas
Stage manager
Maria Miralda
Executive producer
Macarena García
Production manager
Nati Sarriá
Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 68, 08001 Barcelona, Espanya

L1 and L2 (Universitat)


Floridablanca, 145; Pl. dels Àngels, 2


24, 41, 50, 55, 59, H12, H16, N6


Accessible venue for people with reduced mobility. Accessible toilets

Felipe Mena
Felipe Mena
Felipe Mena
Felipe Mena
Felipe Mena
Felipe Mena
Felipe Mena
Felipe Mena
Felipe Mena
Felipe Mena
Felipe Mena
Felipe Mena
Felipe Mena
Felipe Mena


Start date
End date
Teatre Goya
Tuesday to Saturday, 8.30 p.m.; Sunday, 6.30 p.m.
Running time
105 min
Show in Catalan
24-28 €

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