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In 1938 the Czech composer Hans Krása wrote a two-act children’s opera entitled Brundibár (The Bumblebee). He was unable to attend the premiere, which was held in secret in Prague, since he had been deported to a concentration camp. There, he rewrote the opera, as he had been unable to take the scores with him, and he got the boys and girls in the camp to perform it. Thanks to the music, they thus achieved the feeling of a certain degree of normality in those terrible times. The piece speaks to us critically about oppression, but is naïve in appearance.

The values of peace and tolerance and principles such as the acceptance of difference are fundamental in this opera; hence, in 1998 Brundibár became the centre of an experience of initiation in music that turned the city’s schoolchildren into actors and singers.

Almost 20 years later, nearly 500 pupils and teachers from secondary schools in Barcelona are the stars of a new staging of the project and they close the circle by making possible a dialogue between the boys and girls who took part in the experience 20 years ago (a few of whom are today part of the creative and management team) and those experiencing it now.


An experience that highlights values such as peace and tolerance comes full circle, enabling a dialogue between the boys and girls who are performing in it now and those who did so 20 years ago.

A production by Grup Instrumental BCN216, the Grec Festival Barcelona and Teatre Lliure, Barcelona.

With the support of Barcelona City Council’s Institute of Culture, the Barcelona Municipal Institute of Education and the Catalunya Cultura Foundation.

In collaboration with the Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona, the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, Espaiart (Escola d’Arts Escèniques) and the Taller de Músics.




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Music composed by
Frans Krása
Book written by
Adolf Hoffmeister
Translated by
David Cirici
Music produced and directed by
Grup Instrumental BCN216
Artistic director
David Albet
Stage direction
Els Pirates Teatre
Direction and lighting
Adrià Aubert
Educational and pedagogical coordination
Musical director
Ernest Martínez Izquierdo
Music performed by
Grup Instrumental BCN216
Vocal direction of the on-stage chorus and the soloists
Sònia Gatell
Finestres choir conducted by
Paula Giberga
Performed by
Llorenç González, Elisabet Giner, Alazne Fernández, Aina Ferré, Andrea Fornell, Cristina Lozano, Carla Jover, Júlia Barragan, Júlia Ribes, Laia Santamarta
Soloists and stage choir
Coral SOM-night (Young people’s choir of Corals Musicorum)
Cor Finestres
Pupils of the Institut 4Cantons, Escola Cooperativa Nou Patufet and Poeta Maragall (secondary schools)
Set design
Enric Romaní
Robert González
Movement assistant
Núria Cuyàs
María Albadalejo
Assistant directors
Laura Aubert y Lluna Pindado
Anabel Labrador
Passeig de Santa Madrona, 40, 08038 Barcelona, Espanya

L1 (Espanya), L3 (Espanya, Poble Sec)




França Xica, 42; pg. Exposició, 30


55, 150, N0, N6


Seating is provided in varying ways, according to characteristics of show. Accessible toilets. Reserved parking.


Induction loop throughout the Sala Fabià Puigserver.

Els Pirates Teatre


This activity is part of the Grec_With the family
Teatre Lliure Montjuïc - Sala Fabià Puigserver
19 p.m.
Running time
40 min
Show in Catalan
12 €

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