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Companyia Eia

When you see this show you might not be able to find the boundary between the space for the audience and the stage. This is exactly what the artists in this circus troupe want, determined to make circus a common ground between the audience and the performers and inviting spectators to enjoy it as close as possible to the acrobatics taking place before their eyes. It is a case of sharing a collective experience that unfolds in a timeless place where the acrobats become artisans of movement. Together, performers and audience will travel down a path that links the language of acrobatic investigation to that of popular traditions and rites.

The show is brought to you by a company formed in 2009 around Celso Pereira and Francesca Lissia who, with artists like Christiano Della Monica and Sarah Sankey, created a very successful show entitled Capas a few years ago. They have been touring all over Europe with it for five years. As in Espera, the troupe’s shows are based on both acrobatic investigation and direct contact with the audience.

A participatory show that seeks to eliminate the distance between audience and performers, and which proposes the circus as a place where both can meet.

A production by the Companyia Eia.

In collaboration with: INAEM, Institut Ramon Llull, La Central del Circ, L'Estruch – Fabrica de Creació de les Arts en Viu, Fundación SGAE.

With the support of: Circolo Baladi, NunArt, La Nave del Otto.

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Original idea and direction
Celso Pereira, Francesca Lissia
Performed by
Celso Pereira, Francesca Lissia
Micah Paul Hinson, Kepa Junquera, Chango Spasiuk, Sondeseu
Cristiano Della Monica
Artistic collaborators
Juana Beltran, Jose Luis Redondo, John Paul Zaccarini, Ivar Hecksher, Studium Canticum, Manu Vision Barcelona, Federico Carta
Celso Pereira, Francesca Lissia, Campanacci Ditta Sulis
Set consultancy
Slow Fusta, Carpinteria y Restauración Peimar
Olga Arizaga, Fabrizio Giannini


Plaça de Margarida Xirgu
7 p.m.
Running time
45 min
Show without words

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