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El agitador vórtex

Cris Blanco

Is it theatre? Is it film? Cris Blanco’s offering has a bit of everything because it is indeed a film, but made live on stage in view of the audience, a piece that may be considered film, performance or interactive theatre. The audience can see the results of the artist’s manipulations on a screen at all times. From the credits to the end of the screening she applies her intelligence and skill to mixing a cocktail of genres. She will manipulate the codes that govern each of these genres and change their rules, forcing the audience to wonder why the dissonant colouring makes us think of a horror film or what would happen if we changed the music that usually accompanies the credits of a James Bond film and we replaced it with, for example, some bagpipe music. What is the result of all these manipulations and combinations of genres? A film in which the audience can see, at the same time, a film and the making-of done live or, as the author says, "a musical comedy science-fiction thriller with touches of horror and action with romantic karaoke and martial arts in regional costume in which a young woman fights against evil". 

The name of a piece of apparatus used in laboratories to shake up and mix substances together is the title for a cocktail of film, stage and musical genres, a kind of handmade cinema with surprising results.

A production by Cris Blanco.

Coproduced by, TNT-Terrassa Noves Tendències escèniques/CAET, Mercat de les Flors/El Graner, La Casa Encendida and BUDA Arts Center, Kortijk.

With the support of, CA2M’s “Programa de artistas en residencia” and La Casa Encendida, Teatro Pradillo’s “Apuntes en sucio” and Espacio práctico.

Acknowledgements: Rubén Ramos, Jorge Dutor, Javi Álvarez, Aimar Pérez Galí,, El Conde de Torrefiel, Itxaso Corral, Miguel Magdalena, Benoit Pabis, Teo Baró, David Espinosa, Quim Bigas, Roger Adam, Oriol Ibañez, María Vera, the people of ANTES, Espai NyamNyam, Elena Carmona, Cristina Alonso and Gemma Ramos. Special thanks to Sergi Faustino.


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Directed by
Cris Blanco
Artistic assistance
Anto Rodriguez, Óscar Bueno
Cris Blanco, Óscar Bueno
Óscar Bueno, Cris Blanco, Rubén Ramos
Jorge Dutor, Ignasi Solé
Props and set design
Anto Rodríguez, Oscar Bueno, Cris Blanco, in collaboration with Jorge Dutor
Anto Rodríguez, Cris Blanco, Elena Nogueira
Poster design
Roger Adam, Momo Hagerman


Mercat de les Flors - Sala Pina Bausch
6 p.m.
Running time
70 min
Show in Spanish with English subtitles.

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