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The Amargós Rose Garden

Although the festival takes place all over the city and also includes travelling shows, the Grec Festival of Barcelona revolves particularly around the slopes of Montjuïc, where a good number of the venues are located. 
The festival epicentre is the Teatre Grec. Opened in 1929 for the Universal Exposition, this site takes its inspiration from the Green theatre at Epidaurus. The theatre, a symbol of the way this mountain has been restored to public use, is surrounded by magnificent gardens, including a rose garden planted just a few years ago. It was at this site that, in 1976, the Grec Festival of Barcelona was born, and took its name from this theatre. To learn more, visit the Grec History.

In an intervention that took place in 2008, the Amargós Rose Garden, as the Teatre Grec grounds were first known, were restored to their original appearance when the site was designed by Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier for the 1929 Universal Exposition.
The initiative, which not only entailed restoring the original design of the gardens, but also took into account present requirements of the venue, included the recovery of the flower beds according to Forestier’s design, as well as the “plant walls” that gave the gardens their vertical structure. At the same time, wood benches and a new lighting system were installed to recreate the appearance of the site when it was first created.

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