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Xirgu Square

Xirgu Square

This space taken by Josep Iglesias and programmed by Ester Nadal in cooperation with Casa Àsia in Barcelona is like the main square of the Festival, that is, the place where everyone meets. There, you will find food-trucks where you can taste delicious specialties, many of which are oriental, the terrace of the bar (La Soleà) where you usually sit every year, a stage with many unexpected proposals and spaces to learn or be part of a community performance creation...

Most activities start at 19:00 h and entrance is free.

3rd July (19 h)
Gamelan Penempaan Guntur: Gong Kebyar, La música que estallaMusic blows


A group of musicians born in 2013 meets periodically in the Music Museum to show how the gamelan sounds, an instrumental set typical of Bali (Indonesia) formed by brass percussion instruments, gongs and drums. Directed by Jordi Casadevall, they will offer a selection of instrumental pieces from the classic repertoire of the island of Bali, as well as newly created pieces.


4th July (19 h)
Iron Skulls Co: Kintsugi


Fusion of hip hop, contemporary dance, acrobatics and disciplines as diverse as martial arts, music production and fashion whose company has given rise to pieces such as Kintsugi, a show for five dancers that, through the dance, investigates the relationship between technique, beauty and imperfection.


5th July (19 h)
Concert: Marta Knight 


A young singer locked herself in her room and began to compose almost a self-taught handful of folk songs. At 18 years old, she already has an EP, Peterloo Heroes, which shows that she is much more mature, at least musically, of what her identity document actually says.


6th July (19 h)
Circus of exception 
Performance at the Institut del Teatre Atrium


La Central del Circ brings to the Grec’s Hub a compilation of short pieces of contemporary circus in the process of creation. A chance to know the work of a unique space in the Mediterranean that offers creative freedom to contemporary artists and circus, and that welcomes and helps shape their creations.


7th July (19 h)
Concert: Jordi Lanuza


Perhaps you know him as a leader of the Inspira, but Jordi Lanuza also has a life of his own and he has shown it with a debut album that has already sounded in the last edition of the Barnasants. It bets for simplicity, emotion and songs as short as intense which go to the very essence of souls.


9th July (19 h)
Barcelona Coral Àsia 
Directed by: Carles-Josep Comalada


In 2012, a musical project promoted by Casa Asia was born, with the support of Barcelona City Council. It gathers one to sixty singers of 23 different nationalities, of who about 60 percent have Asian origin. They interpret a repertoire in Catalan, Spanish, English, and several Asian languages.


10th July  (21 h)
Dance exhibition KPOP, JPOP, CPOP 
by FAS Dance Group


Numerous western rhythms on a traditional Korean music base form a set of popular sounds born in South Korea which took momentum in the 90s and is known as the K-Pop. It is accompanied by choreographic features of those that cause a sensation among the many boys and girls who listen, dance and practice it. Such groups of boys and girls will have the opportunity to go on stage with a micro in their hands and enter a growing subculture all over the world.


12th July (20:30 h)
Shreyashee Nag and companyia: Mera Desh. La nostra terra/Our land


An artist from India residing in Barcelona is the heart of a classical dance company kathak. She and her dancers combine it with elements of contemporary dance to create a show that links the East and the West and is based on the poetry and music of four universal poets: the Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore, Pakistani Mugammad Iqbal, Faiz, the Spanish Federico García Lorca and the Catalan Jacinto Verdaguer.


13th July (19 h)
Workshops for the young 18/24


Workshops for Young people aged 18/24 (2nd edition) is a proposal put forward for the young which combines group attendance  to a selection of Grec shows, and the creation of their own show accompanied by the artist Lali Álvarez. The outcome will be seen on Friday 13th July at the square, plaça de Margarida Xirgu. 


14th July (from 13:00 to 15:00 h)
Open Picnic


Get ready for an oriental dish, put it in the lunchbox and head to the square of Margarita Xirgu. Or, if you prefer, head over the bar of La Soleà or the food-trucks of the square to discover the Eastern delis. Yes, this is a picnic, but at a gastronomic party like this one could not forget music. A DJ will pinch the music rhythms as if you were in India! Just enjoy eat and dance.


15th July (18 h)


People from Poble-sec neighbourhood have been working with dance professionals such as Jordi Cortés, Eva Vilanova and Gloria José since June, a kind of collage that combines beliefs, philosophies and diverse languages and mixes tradition and modernity by giving voice and visualizing the stories of women from different generations and backgrounds. A new chapter of the XIC Creation project (Network, Exchange, Creation / Network, Exchange, Creation) that was born in 2011 and has already performed seven community-based shows.


16th July (19 h)
Concert: Esther Condal


In her new album, Bird (2017) this young artist offers us a collection of English songs between pop and free-jazz to confirm the artist's sound composition talent.


17th July (19 h)
Concert: Matthew McDaid


Folk music of a young man from Northern Ireland who seems Catalan of pure strain reaches the Grec. Matthew McDaid has composed a series of songs inspired by the traditional sounds of his home of origin, songs full of emotion to which he adds a point of psychedelia. With Off the Beaten Track, his album launched in 2017, he has proven to be an essential reference of  most of the Dylan folk scene.


18th and 25th July (19 h)
Marc Rodrigo / Colectivo Ameno: Saunterer


How to combine street theater, poetry, thought and political vindication? Just ask Marc Rodrigo, who invites you to accompany him on a walk through the streets and squares of Poble-sec. With the hood set and saying texts from various thinkers and groups devoted to community thinking, Marc will walk and walk as he talks about it, about the act of walking and everything that implies. A co-production with Fira Tàrrega that has been curated by Eduard Molner.

Capacity is limited to 30 people per show at this performance. Reservation required:


19th July (19 h)
Mushaira: urdu poetry reading


A large Pakistani community lives in Barcelona, but we do not know anything about their culture. We ignore that 104 million people speak their language, Urdu, across the globe. It is a particularly sweet language that produces beautiful poetry to be recited as it retains the heritage of Arab and Persian songs. Men, women and children from the Pakistani community of Barcelona are periodically reciting this poetry, the Mushaira. And today they do it in a public space, at the heart of the Grec Festival in Barcelona.


22nd and 23rd July (22 h)
Wild Flowers: Chinese short films with the Lychee Film Festival
Performance at the Institut del Teatre Marquee


The first Chinese cinema festival in Barcelona, the Lychee Festival, offers a small taste of the best Chinese cinema best so far produced and still growing. Come for these two days only at the square, plaça de Margarida Xirgu, where you will be able to watch a sample of Contemporary Chinese short films and enjoy the delight of a flower silently blossoming. Sunday: A Gentle Night (15 min), I've Got a Little Problem (44 min). Monday:The Sleepless Girl (39 min), Wan Xia: la última luz del atardecer (22 min), The Good Education (29 min).


26th July (19 h)
Orchestra of guzheng Zifan Artistic Group
Direction: Chen Ding Tong


With more than 2.500 years of history, the guzheng is the traditional Chinese instrument endowed with the most possibilities. The Zifan Artistic Group offers us a small tasting of traditional music that will transport us to imperial China.


27th and 28th July (19:00h and 21:00h)
Direction: Chen Ding Tong

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