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Some of the scenic projects that come to light in the Grec 2018 Barcelona Festival have been created in recent months thanks, in part, to the stay of artists or companies in some of the factories of creation of the city, spaces especially conditioned that become cradles of new theatrical assemblies. Perhaps you will want to be present at the "birth" of these new creatures or perhaps you will also want to ... attend at various stages of these artistic "pregnancies". We explain ourselves: this proposal invites you to move to some of the creation Factories of Barcelona and other spaces to see an essay or attend an important moment in the creation of a scenic proposal. Maybe you will be invited to come to a first reading, to see how a new lighting will feel to the Show or maybe they will ask you to be present in a general rehearsal ... You will know the different phases of the creation of a montage and you will see the work of the artists in privacy.

The current programme sessions in the Grec creative factory rehearsals are:

Stefano Massini / Roberto Romei
What’s the table work like? What happens within the first readings of the work? How does a show perform in the first rehearsals really getting hands on it?
9 May 13 h
Nau Ivanow (Hondures, 28)

Mos Maiorum
The drama of the Mediterranean without cheating, directly to the spectator. Verbatim is everything. While you breathe, you create the work. How do you rehearse a show that depends so much on the reaction of the audience?
25 May 13 h
Fabra i Coats (Sant Adrià, 20)

Nowhere in particular
Sònia Gómez / David Climent / Pere Jou
Can three creators of such different disciplines and styles come to understand each other and do a joint show? An activity in which even the most unbelieving will have a place. Are you willing to let yourself be surprised?
4 June 16 h
Graner, centre de creació (Jane Addams, 14)

Nao Albert / Marcel Borràs
What happens to these two when they have to stage one of their shows? What came first the chicken or the egg? What do they create and what do they think first, the text or the staging?
20 June 20 h
Teatre Nacional de Catalonia (Plaça de les Arts, 1)

Our Death Won’t Hurt Anybody
Teatro of the senses / Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio
The sensorial theater company par excellence tries to make a show out of a text, but they are not alone. They are accompanied by creators from Hong Kong. How do you work with such an international team and with such different creative mentalities?
22 June 18 h
Fabra i Coats (Sant Adrià, 20)

Només una vegada
Marta Buchaca
The theater is the best mirror of society. Marta Buchaca examines victim and abuser in a work that focuses on women. We will also put it in the space (La Bonnemaisson) to know how it conditions the conception of the work.
27 June 12 h
Biblioteca Francesca Bonnemaison – La Cuina (Sant Pere més Baix, 7)

Agrupación Sr. Serrano
Do you want to be a member of the Serrano Association for a while? Do you want to live Kingdom from within? We cannot assure you that you will leave unscathed, surely the mythical monster that leads the story will leave its mark ...
28 June 18 h
Graner, centre de creació (Jane Addams, 14)

La Conquesta del Pol Sud
Drama has long ceased to be only text. The audiovisual world is more and more present every day and the members of La Conquesta de Pol Sud are experts in this. How is a show conceived that bases its strength on the documentary image recorded, projected and in movement?
29 June 19 h
Teatre Nacional de Catalonia (TNC) - Sala Tallers (Pl. de les Arts, 1)

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Besides, the drama review site will analyze in depth articles the creation processes of the Muda, La Plaza and Grito pelao shows. Stay tuned to your web!

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