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Cooking and creating

In charge of nyamnyam (Iñaki Alvarez and Ariadna Rodríguez)
Three artists or groups of creators who participate this year in the Grec programme with especially innovative proposals turning the stage ...into a kitchen. That’s it, they do it accompanied by the spectators as nyamnyam, an association that promotes links between culture and gastronomy, proposes to the spectators of the Barcelona Grec festival to participate in a common space with artists by  doing, cooking, being together, thus entering both in the secrets of the kitchen ... as in the work of each artistic team. Situate ourselves in the year 2.068 and think what the theater of the future would be like; observe how starting from interviews you can create the text of a piece about gentrification in our city; or understand femininity as the mainstay of a performance that wants to speak of a new time where we can overcome the prevailing logic of productivism ... These are some of the themes present in these pieces and that nyamnyam will activate in the kitchens of various community centers in Barcelona .

Inscription for these activities to be managed  through each of its community centres (centros cívicos).
Limited seats to 15 participants per workshop.

Centre Cívic Baró de Viver
Quito, 8
5 June, from 18 to 20 h
El Conde de Torrefiel (La Plaza)

Inscripcions on line:
In-person:  Quito 8-10
By phone: 93 256 50 97 (only for information)

Centre Cívic Joan Oliver “Pere Quart”
Comandant Benítez, 6
12 June, from 19.30 to 21.30 h
Companyia Mos Maiorum (Gentry)

Inscription on line: 
In-person: Comandant Benítez, 6

Centre Cívic Vil·la Urània
Saragossa, 29
13 June, from 16.30 to 18.30 h
David Climent & Sònia Gómez & Pere Jou (Nowhere in particular)

Inscription on line: 
In-person: Saragossa, 29

Centre Cívic Casa Elizalde
València, 302
14 June, from 18.30 to 20.30 h
David Climent & Sònia Gómez & Pere Jou (Nowhere in particular)

Inscription on line:
By phone al 93 488 05 92
By email:

Centre Cívic El Sortidor
Plaza del Sortidor, 12
26 June, from 19 to 21 h
El Conde de Torrefiel (La Plaza)

28 June, from 19 to 21 h
Companyia Mos Maiorum (Gentry)

Inscription on line:
By email:
By phone: 93 443 43 11
In-person: Plaza del Sortidor, 12

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