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Cafè Àsia

Catalonia Ràdio joins Barcelona Grec Festival and this year it talks about Asian culture, the way we see it from the West and the Asian creations that are born in our lands. And they do it with two theater men with a long radio experience. They present Cafè Àsia, which starts from the imaginary built around the Silk Road, that mythical commercial and cultural connection between East and West, to build a poetic and exotic journey through the ear and the word. Stories, reflections, music, narratives and interviews with Asia as a backdrop.

Thought, written and managed by por Joan Ollé and David Guzmán

Duration: 1 hour. From 17 June to 2 September


From June 17 to July 22, 22 h

Fron July 29 to August 2, 24 h.


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