Barcelona Cultura


In 1976, a theatre built on Mount Montjuïc half a century earlier for the 1929 International Exposition was turned into the venue for a festival that has since become a symbol of Barcelona's cultural life and a key event on the European festival calendar.

Since then, there have been nearly forty summers of theatre, dance, circus and music. You can learn all about the history of the Grec Festival in this section, which features descriptions of some of the highlights from each year’s programme.

This will enable you to see how, originally, the Grec Festival was organised directly by the city’s actors and directors, after which City Council of Barcelona stepped in and, finally private promoters also became involved.

Meanwhile, every summer, a host of great stars from the world of theatre, dance, music and other performing arts have come to the city, turning Barcelona into one of the great cultural capitals of southern Europe.

Please join us in exploring the history of a festival that is also a reflection of forty years in the evolution of the performing arts in Catalonia, Europe and the world.