Let's share Barcelona

I look after the city. You enjoy it. We share BCN

Barcelona is our home, loved and shared by those of us who were born here, who’ve been living here for many years, who’ve got to know it and who’ve come here in search of a better life. We are the people who live here in harmony, who are part of the same community and who look after it. What about you?

Open video Let’s share Barcelona

Let’s share Barcelona

Whether we’re residents or visitors, let’s share Barcelona #compartimBCN. Positive community life is everyone’s business. Let’s look after Barcelona!

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I don't litter the street. You enjoy walking along it Open video Use litter bins!

Use litter bins!

With over 25,000 litter bins distributed throughout the city, there's bound to be one near you.

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You aren't noisy at night. I fall asleep right away Open video You can party without disturbing others

You can party without disturbing others

Barcelona nights are fantastic and the best way to enjoy them is by respecting local residents' peace and quiet. Turn the volume down. Let's party in peace.

Strategic noise map

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You don't stay in unlicenced tourist accommodation. I live in a better city. We share BCN

There’s room for us all in the city

There’s room for us all in the city, residents and visitors alike, so long as we respect the rules. That’s why we’ve got a new service to ensure all tourist accommodation is legal. Check it out!

Tourist accommodation

You respect the rules. I feel safer

The important thing is the journey

We like to get around Barcelona in all sorts of ways. Hence the separate spaces we've all got for travelling in and enjoying a peaceful and safe journey. Please respect our traffic rules.

Getting there

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You take care of street furniture. I can sit and read

A home without furniture is no home

Barcelona is your home and we want you to enjoy it. Hence the urban furniture put at your disposal in the city's streets, squares and parks, for sitting and reading a book or getting yourself into shape in the open air. Use it and take care of it. It's yours.


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I clean up your dog's poo. You don't step on it

Your dog's poo isn't blessed with magic powers

There's no place for superstition or the belief that stepping in dog poo brings us good luck. Your dog looks after you, keeps you company and loves you, but it does need a helping hand at times. Please, clear up after it and help us to keep the city clean.

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You don't leave rubbish on the beach. I make sand castles

The sea needs to be respected. So does the beach

Your plastic bags aren't interested in sub aqua diving and your cigarette butts aren't looking to get a sun tan. The city's beaches are a great place to enjoy summer. Take care of them and respect their safety rules. 

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