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Consult the 2016 calendar for pet access to beaches.

Calendar 2016 (PDF)

Consult the beach-access regulations for pets and the pilot test in the Llevant beach area for city residents with dogs.

Article 3, section four of the Byelaw on animal protection, ownership and sales (CA) states the following: "pets are banned from beaches apart from the times and locations established by the Mayor   and at and other public sites determined by the Mayor. Guide dogs are not subject to this ban."

Under the Mayoral Decree of 4 December 2014 (CA), currently in force, pets are allowed general access to Barcelona's beaches, without time restrictions, except during the bathing season, which includes the weekends from April to October, from the Saturday before Good Friday and Easter Monday, both days included, and the period from 1 June to the last Sunday of September, both days included; with the exception of guide dogs, which are allowed unlimited access to beaches."

Consult the 2016 calendar for pet access to beaches.

Pilot test of the Llevant Beach access area for people with dogs

A pilot test will be carried out between 19 July and 25 September consisting of a separate area for people with dogs on Levant Beach.

This area is clearly signposted and enclosed inside a wooden perimeter. Various facilities have been installed to supply water for the new showers (two for human use and one designed for dogs) as well as other specific furniture: a trough for dogs, two “urban dog” urinals and two litter bins on the sand.

For easy access, an extension has also been added to the walkway that goes to the entrance gate of the dog area, and the necessary signs have been put in place.

Throughout the test two environmental officers will be on hand to keep an eye on the situation, give users the information they need and hand out bags for collecting dog poo.

For safety reasons, the dog area will have a limited capacity and only dogs with an ID chip will be allowed in. There will also be specific regulations for dogs that are potentially dangerous.

You are reminded that dogs are still banned from other areas of the Barcelona shoreline during the bathing season, except for guide dogs, which are always allowed on the beach.

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