Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Technology for all

Barcelona is a city committed for working on a technology that is accessible to everyone and focused on increasing the wellbeing of all people.

Barcelona is an open, mixed, cosmopolitan city, a cultural crossroads that attracts visitors, talent, investment, technological and scientific innovation and pioneering cultural ideas.


Barcelona sees technology as a tool for increasing the wellbeing and improving the quality of life of our citizens, while respecting their rights and fostering sustainable development. To achieve that, we need to adopt a responsible attitude towards the possible effects of the way we produce and consume on other parts of the world. So, we support a socially and environmentally committed mobile and telecommunications industry.

Barcelona's mobile capital status and events such as the Mobile World Congress are a good opportunity for encouraging the private sector to study formulas that ensure a social and environmental return on its activities and promote new ways of producing and consuming.

Today's world shows the need to promote access to ICTs and boost society's knowledge of them. As the world's mobile capital, we want this technology to reach all the residents of Barcelona's 73 neighbourhoods. Technology that provides access to knowledge, technology that fosters citizen participation and involvement, and helps build a 2.0 democracy, technology that boosts the personal and professional potential of every man and woman in Barcelona. Because a smart city is a city where technology is at the service of public wellbeing.

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