Perfumes. Scarves. Clavichords. Have your gifts wrapped in Christmas paper. Experience your Christmas #viuelnadal Open video True Christmas wrapping

True Christmas wrapping

Presents bought from neighbourhood shops this Christmas will be wrapped in sustainable paper and solidarity clothes to promote local commerce and raise awareness of the importance of keeping our neighbourhoods alive.

Tió-selling stall with the Cathedral in the background

The Santa Llúcia fair

In the heart of the Ciutat Vella district, the Santa Llúcia Christmas fair offers everything necessary to decorate the home at Christmas. This year the fair marks its 231st anniversary with 287 stalls.

  • Where: in front of the Cathedral
  • When: 24 November to 23 December

Responsible Consumption Fair

Some sixty associations and projects linked to responsible consumption and the social and solidarity economy are presenting their services and products and offering a wide range of activities.

  • Where: Plaça de Catalunya
  • When: 22 December to 4 January


A giant ‘tió’

As in previous years, the giant tió is back at the Santa Llúcia Fair, where kids will have up to 17 December to enjoy it.

  • Where: in front of the Cathedral
  • When: 25 November-17 December


Registrations for the 2016 Procession

Result of the Parade entries

Want to know if you’re taking part in the 2018 Procession?

All you need do is enter here to confirm your place. 

Traditional nativity scene at the Museu Marès

Traditional nativity scene at the Museu Marès

Barcelona’s nativity scene makers association has created a traditional nativity scene featuring crafted wooden figures and representing the three classic scenes: the birth, the Annunciation and the Three Kings Parade.

A sustainable Christmas

A sustainable Christmas

Christmas means good times with family and friends, laughter around the table, solidarity with others, excitement by the Christmas tree and celebrating the start of the New Year. But it is also a time of high consumption and  we all need to minimise the impact the festivities have on the environment.

Shows. Activities. Pigeons. Experience your Christmas #viuelnadal

Christmas in Plaça Catalunya

Plaça Catalunya is going to be a space for dreams from 22 December to 4 January! You‘ll find activities there for all ages, as well as opportunities for enjoying the festivities without adding to more consumerist aspects.

  • Where: Plaça de Catalunya
  • When: 22 December to 4 January
Open video Experience your Christmas

Experience your Christmas

Follow the latest news on the Christmas festivities on Notícies BCN and social media networks.


Puzzles. Plasticine. Diplodocus. Experience your Christmas. #viuelnadal

Give non-sexist games and toys as presents

Give non-sexist toys and games this Christmas. Buying toys is an act of responsibility, as play is a means of transmitting sets of ideas based around respect and equal opportunities.

Sagrada Família Fair

This fair features stalls of every kind: Christmas decorations, elements and plants, gift items and plenty more.

  • Where: Plaça de la Sagrada Família
  • When: 25 November - 23 December
Perfumes. Scarves. Clavichords. There are presents to suit all tastes in neighbourhood shops. Experience your Christmas #viuelnadal Open video Local commerce

Local commerce

Shop locally this Christmas and enjoy decorated streets, life at the markets, festive shop window displays and the recreational and cultural activities prepared by the city’s shops.

The city gets lit up for Christmas

This year, close to 400 city street sections will be lit up with Christmas lights from 23 November to 6 January. A total of 100 km of streets will be lit up thanks to the collaboration of shopkeepers in Barcelona’s neighbourhoods. Enjoy them!

  • Where: the city’s various streets
  • When: 23 November to 6 January

It's better to adopt an animal at Christmas!

The Barcelona Pet Shelter and animal protection organisations have a stand in Plaça de Catalunya to promote adoptions and the fight against abandoning pets.

  • Where: Plaça de Catalunya
  • When: 22 and 23 December
Solidarity Christmas Walk

Solidarity Christmas Walk

The Solidarity Christmas Walk is back: it covers the city’s streets and is collaborating in the food collection organised by Càritas.

  • Where: sets off from Ciutadella Park (Pg Til·lers)
  • When: 9 am, 17 December


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