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About Dau

Dau Barcelona
Games Festival

Now in its seventh year, Dau Barcelona is a board games festival that promotes participation and creativity. Admission is free and it's aimed at a wide public. It offers games of every type for all ages, with a separate area for games for the under-14s. The festival takes place on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 November, at the Fabra i Coats  venue and Plaça de Can Fabra in the Sant Andreu neighbourhood.

Games are the only creative activity where the end user (the spectator) is always the absolute protagonist. A game is a process of creation that people taking part in experience literally. At the same time, games are an important way to promote sociability and cohesion. Therefore, the Dau Barcelona festival is aimed at families and the seasoned-player community, to whom we are offering a full range of current games. Board game manufacturers on the market and representatives from many types of gaming associations will be at the festival to suggest and teach games to young and old alike. Everyone over the age of five will find a game to suit them at Dau Barcelona.

Games are also creations, so Dau Barcelona puts the emphasis on the game's creators. This is reflected in the following initiatives: an annual invitation to  internationally prestigious creators; close work with Ludo , the Spanish Association of Game Creators; organisation of the Dau Barcelona Awards; “protogames” contest with Verkami 

The festival is organised by the Barcelona Insitute of Culture, , curated by Oriol Comas and involves the services of Icub and Pere Areste (Historical Dau), Marc Figueras (Schools at Dau and Dau senior), Pak Gallego (Dau pro), Víctor Baroja (Traditional Dau) and Vanessa Carballo (Dau in neighbourhoods).

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