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Barcelona’s Communal Procession, illustrated

‘Communal procession. “Toc d’Inici i altres elements singulars de les Festes de Ciutat” is a book written by Xavier Cordomí and illustrated by Juanolo.

The ‘Bandes als Ateneus’ concert series gains intensity

The ‘Bandes al Ateneus’ concert series got under way with the festivities for La Mercè and offers a series of ten performances bringing together the tradition of bands and atheneaums. Three city bands and four atheneaums are taking part.

Casa dels Entremesos joins in the Festa Catalana

Saturday, October 14 will see Avinguda de la Catedral playing host to a mini “festa major” or annual festival. to show tourists and locals alike the richness and vitality of Catalonia’s popular and traditional culture.