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This weekend's human-tower displays in Barcelona: 21 and 22 April

Human-tower calendar. Fancy seeing human towers in Barcelona this weekend? This time all Barcelona's human-tower groups will be performing outside the city. In any case, we offer you a list of all the events they will be taking part...

The Aplec de Santa Madrona, one of the few that survives in the city

The Aplec de Santa Madrona is a popular procession of pilgrims from the Santa Madrona parish church in the Poble-sec neighbourhood to the hermitage named after the saint in Montjuïc. This year’s celebration is on Sunday, 7 May.

20 things you didn’t know about Bou de Barcelona

Bestiary. This year many of the pieces from the bestiary of the city’s “Seguici Popular” turn 25 years old. Bou de Barcelona is one of them. Do you want to find out more?

Sant Jordi hits Barcelona

Sant Jordi. Sant Jordi arrives brimming with activities based around literature, strengthening Barcelona’s position as a frontrunner in publishing and reading.

Twenty things you didn’t know about the Mona de Pasqua

The range of monas on offer in Catalonia is much more varied than it appears at first sight, and goes beyond the more commercial trends. Would you like to know more about this custom, whose origins and meaning are uncertain?