The Casa dels Entremesos at the Festa Catalana

On Saturday October 7 the Avinguda de la Catedral will host a mini “festa major” (big annual festival) to show tourists and locals alike the richness and vitality of Catalonia’s popular and traditional culture. At 11.30 am the entertainment will begin with performances by the festival giants from the Barceloneta and Casc Antic districts and the Català de Dansaires stick dancing group. The day also includes an exhibition of Catalan bobbin lace.

The Festa Catalana is a small Catalan popular culture festival held near the Cathedral every Saturday morning between the months of May and November. Its purpose is to promote the more authentic Catalan traditions among tourists and highlight the richness of Barcelona’s popular culture. Many of Barcelona’s associations take part, including human-tower groups like the Falcons de Barcelona, the Moixiganga de Barcelona dance troupe, sardana and other traditional Catalan dancers, pairs of giants and various bestiary figures.