The 12 most outstanding popular culture events during Sarrià’s big annual festival known as the festa major

Sarrià, the last village to join the municipality of Barcelona, celebrates its festa major from September 29 to October 8. During this more than one-week long festival, held in honour of Our Lady of the Rosary, there will be a programme filled with activities where popular culture and local traditions take precedence.

At Sarrià’s festa major, along with the typical events like the proclamation, giants parade, fire run and human tower day, there are many more activities that are unique to Barcelona. This includes an intergenerational music session or the balcony party and especially the Battle for Sarrià. In this friendly games contest, two teams face off throughout the entire festival. It was only introduced a few years ago but it has become one of the main events in the programme.

Opening Ceremony. The festa major kicks off with a small street parade where many aspects of Sarrià’s cultural traditions can be seen. With a musical accompaniment, the parade moves through the neighbourhood’s streets announcing the arrival of the festa and ends with dances at plaça del Consell de la Vila. Friday September 29 at 7.15pm starting from Casa Olandai at plaça del Consell de la Vila.

Battle for Sarrià. Each team will raise their flag at plaça del Consell de la Vila as the symbolic starting pistol shot of the Battle for Sarrià. Then, once last year’s winners “els Vicençs” have returned the trophy, the contest will officially be under way. Friday September 29 at 7.45pm at plaça del Consell de la Vila.

Proclamation. After the opening ceremony and the start of the Battle for Sarrià, the time has come for the proclamation at the District Office. This year it will be read by some of the most iconic business owners from the neighbourhood. Friday September 29 at 8.00pm at plaça del Consell de la Vila.

Intergenerational music session. Guitarists of all ages meet in the centre of Sarrià to participate in an open music session. The repertoire is by request but it is still sure to include music from all eras: folk songs, popular music, Catalan rock, etc. Come along to sing and dance? Sunday October 1 at 7.30pm at plaça del Consell de la Vila.

Giants parade. Gervasi and Laieta, the giants of Sarrià, are the hosts at this gathering of legendary beings during the festa major. This will no doubt be a special celebration as this couple is celebrating its 30th anniversary with guests from across the country! Sunday October 1 from 10.00am leaving from plaça del Consell de la Vila.

Balcony party. Can you imagine doing a walking route around Sarrià and seeing shows and music performances on the balconies? This is the idea behind the balcony party: to bring the festivities to a new height so that people can watch from below. Sunday October 1 at 5.30pm leaving from Casa Orlandai.

Festa major for school kids. For many many years the four schools in the neighbourhood have been organising their own morning parties with giants, dances, traditional stick dancing, etc. This event begins with a large street parade around the centre of Sarrià and ends with performances at plaça de Sant Vicenç. Friday October 6 from 9.30am with two simultaneous routes.

Sarrià in Flames. The festa major’s fire events are held throughout the afternoon known as Sarrià in Flames. It begins in the mid-afternoon with the drum procession, followed by the little devils parade and once it gets dark, there is a shell and dragon ceremony before the famous fire run. Saturday September 7 from 6.30pm at various locations.

Devilish awakening Bright and early in the morning the devils announce the arrival of the festa major at Sarrià with a drum procession and fire crackers. Sunday October 8 at 8.00am leaving from plaça de Sant Vicenç.

Human tower day. Various “castellers” groups from Barcelona, Sarrià, Vila de Gràcia and Sabadell are the protagonists of the festa major’s human tower day. However, this year’s most awaited performance will come from Sarrià’s group as it was reformed just last year and is currently in training. They will do one of the first shows for their neighbourhood’s festa major. Sunday October 8 at 11.00pm at plaça del Consell de la Vila.

Car race. Sarrià’s main street becomes a racing circuit set up especially for people to participate in this handmade cart race. Sunday October 8 from 11.00am in Sarrià’s main street.

Sardanes. Terrassa’s main orchestra will play the music for this “sardanes” folk dancing ball. The event is held under a marquee at plaça Sarrià. Sunday October 8 at 12.00pm at plaça de Sarrià.